A Tale From The Cyrpt

From the Story Arc: There's No Place Like Home

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(posted Wednesday, May 18, 2005)

A Tale From the Crypt

It was a unusually fierce storm for this time of the year in Paragon City. The rain fell in torrents, the thunder clapped and the lightning flashed across the sky. Inside CCCP headquarters young Althea Nagy was having a fitful sleep. Who can say for sure what nightmares haunted her as she trashed about her bed being she had many personal demons she must face for one who is so young.

In the rain a dark figure slowly drifted across the grounds of the headquarters, unnoticed and undetected it made it’s way through all the security sensors. The figure drifted up to the second floor and right through the wall of the building and into Althea’s room. A ghostly apparition straight out of a Dickens tale floated in her and in a death rattle voice said

You have summoned me?

Her only answer was a moan from Althea who still lay sleeping caught in a deep nightmare.

I see I am here for a different kind of fight tonight little one the hooded ghost said.

The ghost’s name was Natasha, because after all ghost’s were once living so they do have names too. Natasha took in the view of the room of the child hero. She thought to herself ah, these kitten posters must be pictures of Privyet Kitty Thea was always talking about. Natasha concentrated hard and brought herself into physical form and landed on the floor of the bedroom. She began to feel the hate well up inside of her for the living. Hate and vengeance is what was keeping her to this plane of existence, and she was always being summoned to help the CCCP and the Young Champion’s.

She walked over to Althea’s night stand and saw a letter from the mother land. Natasha picked up the letter and began to read it. It was a very sweet letter from the young girl to her family who she missed very much. This again made Natasha hate again, this girl does not know what loss is she thought. Again Althea groaned loudly.

I will do my best to comfort you Natasha rasped

As she began to caress Althea’s arm a conflict began to stir within Natasha. An old feeling of love and compassion for this girl was beginning to try and take hold. She withdrew her hand from Althea’s arm and moved it up to the girls face. Now Natasha felt waves of anguish pouring forth from her inner being. Natasha was beginning not to be able to maintain her physical form and beyond that tears were welling in her eyes. I cannot cry, I’m dead she thought. I must give Althea the power she needs to defeat demons she fights now! And with that Natasha’s hands glowed green and she passed a small bit of her energy to Althea.

With that Natasha began sobbing, and a small tear fell from her eye and landed on Althea’s hand. Now the range of emotion made it hard for Natasha to keep herself together and she shifted to the other place where she is kept until summoned again. The place of pain and torment until her rage would allow her become physical again.
A few seconds later Althea awoke and groggily rubbed the wet spot on her hand and whispered Natasha. With that Althea rolled over and fell back asleep....