Through the Crystal Bowl

From the Story Arc: Heaven's Glory

(posted Tuesday, May 24, 2005)

It has been said that an Archangel can travel from one end of the universe to the other in a second, and can be in many places at one time, even though these places may be millions of miles apart, like the light of the sun - appearing in several places at one time without it's power lessened in any of those spots.
Xavier walked down the long hall into the viewing chamber. He was on of the seven Arch Angels meant to play as mediators between God and mankind; God’s messengers. He had taken the spot of Uriel after his fall and assumed his position of the one who rules the world and Tartarus.

The chamber was massive; it resembled that of Ancient Rome. Large stone pillars seemed to stretch to the sky; smooth marble floors reflected the light from above. Not a spec of dust or dirt lay anywhere it was perfect. In the center sat a large crystal bowl of intricate design. Looking through the bowl meant looking at life itself. He stared at it in a jealous fashion. The very thought of them consumed his days. It became his passion; all of his being had become devoted to their study.

“Listen to them babbling on and on about their precious heaven. It is sickening; they get souls, they are in God’s good graces while we toil---and for what? The idea and estimate of Heaven, which will be given to man amongst the occupants of Paradise, will get a garden ten times bigger than that of this world. Entering Paradise he will glance right and left and seeing the gardens will ask: "For whom are these"? He will be told that they are for him. They do nothing and get everything, always finding their way to Heaven’s gates”.

The Arch Angel Michael had walked in quietly through the back entrance. “I see you have not left; have you? Endless toiling, your time in front of that---thing, a waste of time I believe”.

Michael whose name means ‘who is as God’ is generally considered to be the foremost of the seven archangels and the leader of the Host of Heaven.

“No I have not” he sensed him come in there was no need to turn around. “Time is not a measurable ideal anymore Michael; surely even you know that” Xavier smirked and turned about on side of his mouth in an evil smile. I am surprised you are not with the Chaldeans, didn’t they worship you as something of a god?”

“Your sarcasm is not needed here Xavier. Do not question my intelligence with your knowledge of time; I have been around far longer than you have. You appear so interested in wasting your energy staring through that portal. Since you enjoy watching them so much, why not go down and join them?”

Xavier laughed hardily “I think not---I would rather view them from a distance---disgusting creatures these humans are---filthy and incompetent”.

“I am sorry to see you feel that way Xavier--- for you will join them”.

Xavier quickly turned around his pale white face held no expression as he stared at the Arch Angel Michael.

“Just because you are control of most of mankind and are the angel of chaos does not give you the power to deal orders---that can only come form a power higher than you. Go try your scare tactics else ware”.

“Oh--- but they have Xavier---they have. These are from the highest order of Angels”.

He squinted and stared at Michael and walked slowly towards him. Xavier was the largest in stature of all Arch Angels and towered over Michael.

“A Seraphim? ---Are you expecting me to by this nonsense you speak?”

Seraphim’s are considered the highest order of the Hierarchy of Angels. They are the Angels of Love, Light, and Fire. Seraphim are the closest to God. In the Throne Room, several of the Seraphim were described as flying directly above the Throne of God and constantly sing His praise. They are also called "the Burning Ones" because they are aflame with Love. The Old Testament speaks of the Seraphim as "having six wings; two covering the face, two covering the feet, and two were used for flying." They are associated with the color of white.

Michael began to walk in a circle around Xavier who stood still only moving his eyes to follow Michael’s path.

“Yes---yes indeed, a Seraphim by the name of Seraphic flame will be your contact when you make your way down to the surface---where you despise to go”. Michael laughed as he knew he had the upper hand and was able to witness the disappointment in Xavier’s face first hand. “Raphael will bring you there, only he knows the way”.

The Raphael he spoke of was another Arch Angel his name meant “God is healing”. Little is known of him other than his declaration to Tobias. He was sent by the Lord to heal him of his blindness and to deliver Sarah, his daughter-in-law, from the devil that was the serial killer of her husbands. This identity came about because of the biblical story which claims that he "healed" the earth when it was defiled by the sins of the fallen angels in the apocryphal book of Enoch.

Almost instantaneously the two Arch Angels stood in Paragon City, surrounded by people everywhere.

"I hate it here---this place---these people---it disgusts me---it's beneath me. I must get away from these humans their filth has some how rubbed off on me I feel almost sickened by it".

"Patience Xavier, you will see it time that everything has its place. You must except what man is and learn to forgives, show compassion and move past your selfishness".

Their discussion continued in the crowed streets of Paragon, no one could see them; no one would ever know they were there unless they wanted to. Xavier grabbed a pedestrian by the back of the head lifting him off the ground. He became frightened as he could now see the angels standing next to him. His heart raced and panic began to set in. The poor man began to cry out of sheer fear.

Xavier: "Look at his fear---look at their lack of strength, they no know nothing of time and patience---yet I am to protect them. Why? Because they are one of Gods precious creatures. Because of their free will that places them only in danger---no---that's not it---it’s because they have a soul".

He placed the man back down and he walked away, not remembering anything he just saw or felt it was if he had never stopped walking at all.

Raphael: "Is that what this is about? You have to move on---get past your inward thinking. Come let me help you---"

He placed his hands on him and tried to remove the dark aura that surrounded him Xavier shrugged it off as he did not feel like being anointed or saved. He felt his pain was a part of him and what made him stronger. This worried the other Angels, his lack of focus, how easily he let anger distract him.

Xavier turns his back on Raphael; walking away he sat down on the cement fountain. Raphael sits near him and ponders on his thoughts.

"He won't talk to me you know---I speak to him everyday but he does not answer". He becomes angered and frustrated the tone in his voice is evident, it takes Raphael by surprise. "Why won't you talk to me God? I am here---answer my calling!"

“Perhaps when you come down from the anger that controls you so, he will be more open to listen to your plight. Now I must leave---oh---a word to the wise Xavier. Do not interfere with their lives, do not alter any ones thoughts or perceptions, remember temptation, remember you are being watched”. Raphael left quietly and disappeared into thin air.

“Great---what am I supposed to do now? How will I know this Seraph that you speak of?”

A voice whispered in his head “she will find you”.

To be continued…