The Falling Blood and Shadows Part 3: The Revelations


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(posted Sunday, May 29, 2005)

As Ursa Major walk up to the condo he looks at the piece of paper with the address Red-Star had sent him. As he looks of the condo door in this newly remodeled building in Steel Canyon. Ursa Major rings the bell. A few seconds later the door opens and a young woman blonde with blue eyes opens the door. “Da, can I help you?” Ursa Major looks at this young lady. “Da, is this the home of Red Star of the CCCP” the young ladies eyes widen “Yes you must be Ursa Major”

Ursa Major “I am but how do you know me.”
Young woman “ I am Nania Stokavic, Alex wife”
A warm smile comes over the face of Ursa Major “It is a Pleasure my Dear”
Nania “Please come in Alex is in the shower and will be out in a min”

Ursa Major comes and sets his bags on the floor her looks around the Condo “Is nice place comrade.”

Nania “Thank you Alex got it for a premium. We just moved in.” Nania smiles “He says it is much better than the halls of the CCCP Head Quarters, and is also much better to raise our child”

Ursa Major looks at Nania “Congratulations, My lady…when are you do?”

Nania “This fall, Alex is going to ask the members of the CCCP to be the child’s god parents”

Ursa Major "From what I understand of them most do not believe in the higher powers Like Alex and I do….”

Nania “There are a few, by asking the team though he is will be no misunderstanding Alex said…He thinks so much of them as his family now”

Ursa Major “Well he was very alone when he had come to Paragon City, must also be hard for him being one of the few Russians that see the future of Russia in the hands of a capealist system. “

Nania “Da he came to grips that all Americans are not evil, ever since his meeting with the Statesman”

Ursa Major sits down on the couch. “ Da, he said in his letter”

Nania “Do you want something to drink Ursa?”

Ursa Major “Da that would be nice thank you”

From the bath room Ursa Major can hear someone coming from the hall to the living room where is sitting. Alex Storkefski II The Red-Star walks in. Alex looks at Ursa Major and opens his arms in greeting “URSA my old friend good to see you”
Ursa gets up and walks over to Red-Star and takes his out scratched hand “Da, My old friend it is good to see you as well”

Alex sits down in his chair in the living room; Ursa Major sits back down again on the couch.

Alex “Was you trip good my friend?”

Ursa “Da, it was very good weather.”

Alex looks serouies at Ursa Major “ So it begins.”

Ursa “Da, I’m glade you found him Alex…this has gone on long enough. I will end this outrage in this city in the next few days.”

Alex “It will be hard to get to him Ursa, he has taken up a courtship with the Countess Crey. Not may folks know of this. He is basically under the protection of one of the most powerful orginzation in the World. That it until he gets his operation back up and running here in Paragon.”

Ursa gets up and walks to the window high on the 30 floor of Condo he lets out a deep breath. “I know Alex…but after what he has done…to you to me your wife…my mother…the world how can I just let him live.”

Alex gets up and walks up to his friend “ That is something you have to do in your own heart my friend…I know how hard this is for you”

Ursa Major turns around and looks at his friend “Do you know for real Alex…have you ever killed a family member before.” Ursa flexes his arm muscles and his claws pop out.
Alex looks at his friends claws “Ursa He did this to you…if he really loved you he would not have done this to you. “

Ursa Major “I know Alex he is evil….look at the trail of bodies he has left behind in his wake….But Still he is my father, Surely that must mean some thing?”
Alex “ Ursa…. he stopped being your father when he killed your mother, your sisters, and did this to you just because your mother found out Who is really Was…. The Czarist Must Pay ….I, The Grey Ghost, as well as Vector Prime will help you in any way we can.”

Ursa Major “I just hope the 4 of us will be enough Alex…. I really do.”

Alex "It will be Ursa or we will die trying....I promise"