Task force

(posted Wednesday, July 07, 2004)

Oya bunch of the Weird Brigade, there's big news for the smartest of the pack! My infamous collar batteries are exausted: so now I can swear and kick people in the head as much as I want!  I'm some smart, I drained the batteries shouting profanities on Stalin for 22 hours straight.

Since now I can talk as much as I want I'm going to tell you something from interesting conversation I had with W.C. at telephone last evening. Basically he want the task force to be an utterly and complete disaster, with plenty of deaths and very big collateral damages. Even if he belive you can screw up your things alone, for being sure he asked me to sabotage the task force. And I was like: Hey, whatever you say, W.C.

But yesterday I was fighting in the sewer with Black Metal, and we stood as a last defence while the members of the team were pulling out. Even if we were outnumbered and he had a chance to escape, Black Metal was at my side, during the whole fight, risking is life for this syberian girl. And I wondered: "Is he idiot with deathwish?"

Maybe you know.. maybe he's not idiot but a very cool person. And the Bald Avenger too, he was very friendly to me even if I discovered he is gay and do the outing for him. What I want to say its: I'm starting to appreciate you Weirdos Brigade, and I won't sabotage the taskforce nor try to kill you.

But you are still a bunch of weirdos, so now BEGONE!