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(posted Monday, June 06, 2005)

October Star spun high over Steel Canyon, well out of view of civilians, other than the few in the highest of penthouses. Performing summersaults and cartwheels high in the air, he laughed as he spun around flagpoles and antennas.

He came to a rest on the top of Niles-Gardy building. “Hello comrade!” He grabbed the horns of the bug-eyed gargoyle and grinned. He was more than alive. He felt a charge through him like nothing he ever expected to feel. His heart was filled with joy. The suit made him feel alive, but this new sensation made him want to cheer, to stand on the tops of buildings and crow like a rooster.

The image of Thea floated to surface in his thoughts. Alabaster skin, white hair and eyes a man would charge fearlessly into the depths of hell for, he could not remember ever seeing a more beautiful woman. Pushing off from the gargoyle, he back-flipped and plummeted 30 stories. He turned on the flight pack and pulled up just in time to skim his fingers across the surface of a fountain before rocketing back into the air.

It was more than beauty. It was the way she hid behind her hair. It was the flush of pink in her cheeks when he smiled at her. It was the long talks, the sparkle in her eyes, the sadness she hid in her voice…so many things, he could never count them all. He barely knew her, but he wanted nothing more than to spend every waking moment with her.

The problem was, what he did know was bad. Victoria and Red Djinni had laid it out for him. The Russian government was using Thea to take down the CCCP. If their plan worked, she would be killed in the line of duty, Red Saviour would be disgraced and the CCCP would be disbanded. As he pondered it all, his light mood faded.

People’s Blade did not make it any easier. Commisar or not, who was she to order Thea not to see him? Svoloch Chinese zadnitza! Her abuse of Thea was already too much, but this was unbearable. He was thankful Thea had grown brave enough to disobey her, even if it was in secret.

Althea would be coming over and she would help him unpack, and put his apartment in order. He smirked. A woman’s touch. It was what he needed. It was what his apartment needed. The thought of a home-cooked Russian meal made his stomach grumble. He had not eaten well since he left Kiev six months ago.

Alexei swooped down and let loose with a torrent of attacks, scattering a group of council recruiters. One of their officers tried to bear down on the hero, but the force of an energized punch sent him flying into a brick wall, knocking him cold. Alex looked around, surveying his handiwork. An exaggerated grin crept across his face. Beating council dogs was satisfying work

He would soon get clearance card to go to Striga Isle. Perhaps he would take the fight to them. If there were not vampires, Thea’s secret would not come to haunt her. Alexei oulled his cell phone and began calling all of his contacts. Somone would know where to start….

To be continued

Russian Glossary for Unlearned Amerikanski readers

svoloch & zadnitza – for sake of poor October Star we will leave these words un-translated, but it goes without saying he does not care for Comrade People’s Blade very much.