Althea Nagy Kidnap--Transcript

From the Story Arc: There's No Place Like Home

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(posted Tuesday, June 07, 2005)

Red Saviour II: Shto?
Belladonna Aura: Red, Thea's dropped off the map

Belladonna Aura: Not in the hospitals. Just gone

October Star II: Comrade Saviour...we are having problem. We need to speak.

October Star II: I am headed into lake
Sister Shuma: Shuma go lake too!

Sturmfront: IN the lake?

Sister Shuma: Shuma in Silver Lake!

Sister Shuma: THEA!
Sturmfront: The Vahzilok claim that area, no?
Belladonna Aura: IN the lake
Red Saviour II: Bah! I was afraid of this!
Belladonna Aura: Comrade everyone cleaims that area

Belladonna Aura: Tsoo, Vahz, Outcasts---
Belladonna Aura: Oh my god....I saw Council there today---
Sister Shuma: Shuma apprehending Reaper... he is saying he is seeing nothing.
October Star II: Tsoo!
Sturmfront: Council? I will make sure to ask Archon Chaney then...'ask'
Sister Shuma: *snarls* TSOO!
October Star II: We have been fighting them all night
Belladonna Aura: Nat, I'm crawling under the furniture to see if I can boost the signal
Sister Shuma: Talk Tsoo!
Sister Shuma: Telling Shuma where is Thea!
Sister Shuma: *sounds of men screaming*
Sister Shuma: TELL SHUMA!
Red Saviour II: Yebat vashu mat!
Belladonna Aura: (mutter mutter BONK) OW!
Red Saviour II: Govno...govno...this is ochen bad.
Belladonna Aura: (kzzzzzt) OW!
Belladonna Aura: (friggin russian..."is soviet technology, touch nothing")
Belladonna Aura: (kzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt)
Belladonna Aura: (where the hell is Petrograd when you need him?)
Sister Shuma: *quietly* Tsoo and Outcasts at Silver Lake saying they is seeing nothing.
October Star II: ..zzz..You will tell me...*pound pound*
Belladonna Aura: (prolly ambushing some poor devushka to peel her out of her supersuit)
Belladonna Aura: (kzzzzzzzzzzzt OW OW PW!)
Red Saviour II: Shto? What is annoying noise?

Red Saviour II: I am coming to Silver Lake.
Belladonna Aura: (sigh) I have a diffused signal
October Star II: Commisar...we have a problem.
Sister Shuma: Shuma reporting. Shuma question baddy bads at Silver Lake. They is seeing nothing.
Red Saviour II: You give improper motivation.
Belladonna Aura: I *think* I'm getting diffused lifesigns
Red Saviour II: YOU THERE!
Red Saviour II: ** sounds of explosion
Belladonna Aura: So she's still alive, I just can't tell where.
Belladonna Aura: NAT!
Red Saviour II: SPEAK!
Belladonna Aura: WHo has scramblers for the monitors?
Belladonna Aura: If we know who doesn't we can eliminate them
Sturmfront: The Russians?
Red Saviour II: Move, fool. Stop with saluting and search!
Belladonna Aura: CoT does, don't they?
October Star II: Nyet. Council.
Sister Shuma: Is talking, baddy Reaper, or Shuma crushing you more....
Belladonna Aura: I mean, you go down there, and try for a hospital you end up in one of their green crystals
October Star II: I am hearing of hero Ajax who find this out
October Star II: Haf never seen that
Belladonna Aura: Star? You say Council has scramblers?
Red Saviour II: Da! I have seen scramblers in action, up close.
October Star II: Da, was reading report. Ajax discover them when he was on jury duty.
October Star II: YOU THERE!

October Star II: YOU wILL ANSWER ME!

Belladonna Aura: So far as I know, CoT has no interest in Thea---
Red Saviour II: Comrades...I have been prisoner of council. They are...nyet gentle.
Sturmfront: I will make it a point to ask then.
Sister Shuma: *cries*
Red Saviour II: Stop crying! Continue search
Sister Shuma: *sniffs* Dui, Commisar.
Red Saviour II: BAh! Why did I nyet recognize this sooner!

Red Saviour II: Comrades, I have letter to Thea from her parents.
Belladonna Aura: Yeah well....Nat, I hate to break this to you, but we've had Thea under watch for two weeks
Belladonna Aura: We already thought of this one and they got her out from under us anyway

Red Saviour II: I had nyet read it until now...she is nyet what Moscow purports her to be...

October Star II: YOU KNOW?
Belladonna Aura: Old news, Nat
Red Saviour II: Two weeks?
Red Saviour II: SHTO?
Belladonna Aura: Yepp

Belladonna Aura: BB was supposed to talk to you about it
Red Saviour II: Why am I last to know? THIS IS GRAVE VIOLATION OF HIERARCHY!
Red Saviour II: Oh, Zach. BAh!
October Star II: And Thea is afraid of you.
Red Saviour II: You can nyet trust Amerikantskii! Govno!

Red Saviour II: She is nyet afraid of me. I am Commissar!
Belladonna Aura: Hey, I resemble that remark
Belladonna Aura: And Nat, she is so terrified of you she'd jump off a building rather than tell you the truth
Red Saviour II: Pfft! You are nyet the concern right now.
Red Saviour II: She would?
Red Saviour II: Hmm.
Red Saviour II: This letter explains quite a bit.
Belladonna Aura: That's a roger
Red Saviour II: I am nyet happy right now.
Belladonna Aura: Join the club
Belladonna Aura: OK Not in Steel
Belladonna Aura: Not in AP or KR
October Star II: *voice cracks* She is not at lake.
Belladonna Aura: Not in GC
Red Saviour II: Now, please to relate events of last hour.
October Star II: We were just going to have small race to Atlas. A little fun.
Red Saviour II: I want report.
Sister Shuma: *sighs* These baddy bads knowing NOTHING!
Belladonna Aura: Say thank you to the nice Captain Hackatron, kids, when this is over
Red Saviour II: Da, da, we send him vodka. Now, REPORT.
Belladonna Aura: Not on Talos
October Star II: Coming..
Belladonna Aura: Not on PI
October Star II: Commisar
October Star II: She and I were just in Icon...fixing new uniforms

October Star II: Then we were going to go to Atlas. Get new capes.

October Star II: Her uniform was...very beautiful.
Red Saviour II: Hmmm.
October Star II: But then...
October Star II: We were feeling playful. We were having race from Icon to Atlas.
Red Saviour II: Flying or running?

October Star II: I was going to fly, she...teleport
Belladonna Aura: Josh is hacking into the PI Portal logs
Red Saviour II: Shuma! Stay focused, child.
Sister Shuma: *spins on Red, furious*
October Star II: *wrings hands*
Belladonna Aura: This could take a while
Red Saviour II: Bah, I never liked teleporting.
Sturmfront: I have one Archon Chaney here. What do you need to know of the Council, to begin with?
Sister Shuma: *teleports away in a fury*
Red Saviour II: Govno.
October Star II: Sturm, beat that govno until he tells you where my belochka is, or i will come and beat it out of him MYSELF!
Belladonna Aura: Guys, stay focussed
Red Saviour II: Sturmfront, question him about their teleportation intercept technology.
Red Saviour II: ** belochka?
Red Saviour II: Then ask him about Thea.
Red Saviour II: Then start breaking his limbs.
Belladonna Aura: There is one think that they CANNOT rig
Red Saviour II: Save the neck for me.
Belladonna Aura: Every time we zone we leave a date/time monitor stamp

Red Saviour II: What are logs saying?
Belladonna Aura: That's how the TP knows which hospital to send us to
Sturmfront: Will do. *trailing off* Now, Archon, understand that I took my anatomy lessons with the...
Belladonna Aura: That's what Josh is hacking into now, Nat
Red Saviour II: He is nyet DONE? Is he downloading pornography?
October Star II: I left her. They waited until I left, and they took her.
Belladonna Aura: He's currently working at getting at the Portal logs
Red Saviour II: saw nothing?
October Star II: Nothing Commisar...
October Star II: >nothing..
Belladonna Aura: There's a lot of firewalls he's having to thread through
Red Saviour II: Give me exact amount of time between last sighting and indication she was

October Star II: *points*
October Star II: She and i were standing right here.
October Star II: Then i left race to train.
Red Saviour II: Her teleportation range is limited. Did you see her leave this spot?
October Star II: When I got to train she was not there.
Belladonna Aura: Nat!
Red Saviour II: Shto! What is it?
October Star II: Nyet. She is very i was flying as fast as i could.

October Star II: I left her.
Red Saviour II: Move aside.
Red Saviour II: Get out of my light.
Belladonna Aura: Josh has a monitor trace in Steel that shows she was IN Silver lake when she vanished
Red Saviour II: IN the water?
October Star II: Her first teleport would have taken her above the lake.
Red Saviour II: How accurate can he get with coordinates?
Belladonna Aura: IN the water. Looks like her TP aborted about 30 feet up and dropped her
Red Saviour II: **splash
Sturmfront: The good Archon seemingly considers himself more of an expert on human resources. However...
Belladonna Aura: Looks like the west side of the lake
Belladonna Aura: Close enough for someone on the bank to fish her out
Red Saviour II: I see no bodies.
Belladonna Aura: 30 feet up would knock her out but not kill her

Sturmfront: He says he might be able to provide some kind of assistance... a deal or something.
October Star II: did they drop her radio in the water so we could not track her?
Sturmfront: I do not deal with terrorists, does any of you wish to?
Red Saviour II: Offer to keep me away from him. They know what i'm capable of.

October Star II: here...d
Red Saviour II: I am seeing bootprints, but much activity...hard to pinpoint anything.

October Star II: Shen and People's Blade were right. I am not worthy of her.

Belladonna Aura: Nat? Shuma is beating the hell out of all of Striga right now
Red Saviour II: Bah!
Belladonna Aura: STAR! SNAP OUT OF IT!
October Star II: i left her.
Red Saviour II: Star! Get up, you fool.
Red Saviour II: Come here, Star. AT ONCE.
Belladonna Aura: Good god, I was monitoring her!
Belladonna Aura: And I lost her!
Red Saviour II: Bella, shut up.
October Star II: *eyes red with rage*
Red Saviour II: Everyone...we are at war. This can happen to ANY OF US.
Red Saviour II: Recriminations are worthless.
Red Saviour II: Your feelings are NYET IMPORTANT. Thea's safety is.
Sturmfront: Alright. The Senator has been saved, the Archon... disposed of. What do you need of me?
Red Saviour II: Whether you cared for her, or never knew her...she is a comrade in danger.

Red Saviour II: Set aside your anger or guilt, and stay focused.
Red Saviour II: Is that understood, Alexei? Shuma?
October Star II: Da. Spaciba Commissar

Sister Shuma: *quietly* Shuma is working. Interrogating Council. Will call when finding Thea. Shuma out
Belladonna Aura: Understood, Commissar
Red Saviour II: Now, I want comrade Star to join Shuma.
Sister Shuma: *sound of communicator turning off*
Red Saviour II: Shuma, you are nyet to...bah! stupid girl!

Red Saviour II: This is why I do not want children on my team.
October Star II: Am headed to Striga. Will find her. Will find council
Belladonna Aura: (grimly) I have an override on her, Nat.

Calignous Storm: Comrades? Whatever are you doing here? I thought you would still be celebrating our victory?
Belladonna Aura: We won't lose Shuma too.
Red Saviour II: Da, right now, Shuma is as vulnerable. Keep an eye on her, comrade Star.
Red Saviour II: Go!
October Star II: I will find Shuma and get her back under control Commissar.

Belladonna Aura: I have an auto-pull on her straight to HQ if she so much as goes yellow
Calignous Storm: Commissar? Is something amiss? I was in the lab testing equipment with my radio off.
Red Saviour II: Thea has been kidnapped.
Belladonna Aura: Nat, can I have Storm? He's good with this electronic stuff
Red Saviour II: We are beginning to suspect Council, but we do nyet know.
Red Saviour II: Da, take him.
Red Saviour II: Take comrade Sturmfront too.
Calignous Storm: Thea? No. I saw her barely an hour ago. We just completed a mission. Surely she is deep in the vodka with...
Belladonna Aura: Storm report to HQ in KR on the double
Calignous Storm: Comrade Sturm, why are you not partying with Thea?
Red Saviour II:
Red Saviour II: *retch
Calignous Storm: Kidnapped?
Red Saviour II: Bah, govno...
Sturmfront: Storm. With me. Comrade Belladonna, where do you need us?
Calignous Storm: Wh? Whe? Ho? What?
00:41:11 Belladonna Aura: I need Storm at HQ to help me with hardwiring and work with Captain Hackatron

Red Saviour II: You have him.
Calignous Storm: Right away, if that is all right with you commisar.
October Star II: I have arrived in Port Noble, Commissar. Will keep you posted if I am finding anything
Belladonna Aura: Because good ole Petrograd is off somewhere chasing hardshelled devushkas
Belladonna Aura has joined the team
Red Saviour II: Comrade Sturmfront, accompany October Star. Watch each other's backs, but get any information you can.

Sturmfront: As you say, Commissar.
Red Saviour II: Go!

October Star II: ..TCHORT!>>

October Star II: Ugh...
October Star II: Council was waiting for me in Port Noble

October Star II: Am giving billing information to doctor now...

Belladonna Aura: Nat!

Red Saviour II: What?

Belladonna Aura: Portals are clear

Belladonna Aura: Look we have a longshot but it will take about 2 days
Red Saviour II: Explain.
Belladonna Aura: Josh found one stamp out of Steel

Belladonna Aura: But it was to AP which makes no sense

Red Saviour II: AP.
Belladonna Aura: He thinks they may have figured we'd try to trace her via the monitor and they're carting her all over
Red Saviour II: Govno...
Belladonna Aura: So he is going to work on from that stamp
Belladonna Aura: But it's a lot of records
Red Saviour II: Two days?
Belladonna Aura: We'll know where she is only when he can't find anymore stamps
Belladonna Aura: Two days, yeah.
Calignous Storm: Do you mean she is stuck in teleport, Comrade Bella, or she is moved as captive?
Belladonna Aura: That's his guess,
Red Saviour II: What is he doing, watching television programs? I need that information now!
Belladonna Aura: I mean carted around as a captive

Red Saviour II: Captive of Council...Thea is nyet strong enough for that.
Belladonna Aura: Nat, if you could see what I'm looking at you'd understand
Red Saviour II: She is little more than civilian.


Red Saviour II: Do I need to put other resources on this?
Belladonna Aura: (sigh) We're working on it
Red Saviour II: Arg! YOu computer people!

Red Saviour II: ** distinct sound of a car being knocked over
October Star II: Commissar, I would like to volunteer to lead a team into Striga and find her. If I spend two days beating people on the island, i will find out where she is.
Social Medicine: Toi dem!
Calignous Storm: *ponder* If she is conscious she may try to teleport. Could we detect that?
Red Saviour II: Star, go! Report back every ten minutes! Davay, go!

Social Medicine: < ...What is going on? Who? What? >
Red Saviour II: Thea has been kidnapped.

Sturmfront: October Star? I am to assist you in your search. I am in Port Noble now.
Social Medicine: < WHAT?!? >

Belladonna Aura: Nat!
Belladonna Aura: Commissar Saviour!
Red Saviour II: Where have you been!
Belladonna Aura: Under a table with wires
Red Saviour II: What does Super Nerd say?
Calignous Storm: Was that a reference to me, commissar?
Red Saviour II: Nyet!
Red Saviour II: To other nerd.
Belladonna Aura: That the trace looks like a 500 lb pile of spahghette
Calignous Storm: Harumph. No matter.
Belladonna Aura: I got a call from Vickie---Nat, do you want FBI help?
Red Saviour II: Nyet!
Red Saviour II: Wait...
Red Saviour II: Da...da!

Red Saviour II: Get running dogs involved. They may have information we lack. it is their territory.

Belladonna Aura: Can do
Red Saviour II: But you and Vickie are liaison. I have no wish to speak with them.
Calignous Storm: They will want to interfere. Place men here at HQ,. monitor our communications, ask us if there have been "demands".
Belladonna Aura: Naw, this will be double-indirect. Vic's parents to Vic to me
Red Saviour II: Keep them out of our way...but get what you can from them.
Belladonna Aura: With any luck they can run this as under-the-table, friend-to-friend
October Star II: Commissar...
October Star II: Sturm and I have a hunch...
Red Saviour II: Please tell me
October Star II: In middle of this damnable island...
October Star II: we are seeing volcano...and as we get looks like more troops
Red Saviour II: Shuma!
October Star II: I am going to check it out...but i want bella to keep eye on my transmitter
Red Saviour II: Report to comrade Star at once.
Red Saviour II: He needs you as backup.
Sturmfront: We are.
October Star II: Correction, we are.
Belladonna Aura: Storm! I want more power up here, I'm gonna beef up the TP to handle more than one across zones!
Red Saviour II: Take Shuma with you.

Red Saviour II: Shuma, acknowledge.
Calignous Storm: Bella, keep out of these circuits. I can take a jolt from them, but I won't have you hurt!
October Star II: I am seeing her on commlink commissar, but I cannot connect to her.
Belladonna Aura: That's why I have YOU up here, Comrade
Calignous Storm: Pleas take the radio over ther *OW*... *fzzt*
Red Saviour II: shuma! Stop being childish. You are needed by your comrades.
October Star II: Sturm and i will be fine.
October Star II: We know our duty
October Star II: Star out

Belladonna Aura: We're working on upping the power to the emergency tp to haul in 3 people

Belladonna Aura: Nat---do we want to call in the Alliance on this?
Red Saviour II: Da. I call comrade Red Djinni. He owes me favor.

October Star II: are not going to effing believe this.

Red Saviour II: Shto! tell me!
October Star II: We are taking surveilance photosnow
October Star II: This volcano...
October Star II: it looks...
October Star II: like a missle silo
Red Saviour II: Ah, blin.
Belladonna Aura: I think that warrants something a little stronger than "blin"
Calignous Storm: In a volcano? Is this a James bond movie? You are joking, surely?
Sturmfront: He is not.
October Star II: this is a base...a base the size of galazy city....
Belladonna Aura: Jeezus Cluny Frog
Sturmfront: And then some.
Red Saviour II: Govno.
Red Saviour II: Thea...
October Star II: Training facilities, weapons manufacturing....landing strips...
Sturmfront: Air ducts, though I would assume the base can be hermetically sealed.
Sturmfront: Gun emplacement...!
Calignous Storm: Oh my.
October Star II: TCHORT! gun emplacements!!!
Red Saviour II: Get out of there!
Sturmfront: Negative
Red Saviour II: Report!
Sturmfront: Cloaked.
Red Saviour II: Whew.
Sturmfront: And out of range, hopefully...
Belladonna Aura: Thank you for that
October Star II: Bozshe moi. this is not a hideout.
Red Saviour II: use caution.
October Star II: Commissar, they are prparing for war.
Red Saviour II: am i!
Belladonna Aura: Storm just ripped two wires out of the wall in case I had a heart attack and he needed to shock me
Calignous Storm: She isn't kidding. But What does Thea have to do with that?
Social Medicine: < We all are preparing for war. >

Red Saviour II: They are known to kidnap heroes for brainwashing. They hoped to succeed with me.
Belladonna Aura: (mutters, yeah and for a while they did......)

Social Medicine: < Nagy nguoi ban is hunter of upyr, da? Perhaps is bloodline issue. >
Red Saviour II: ..da...that is...what i am...thinking...also
Sturmfront: Good news and bad news. The gun emplacements are heavily insulated/shielded. But not waterproof.
Belladonna Aura: (sighs) Nat, Social, open your comms, pull up the memo from Vic entitled

"ABout Last Night' It's all in there
Red Saviour II: Comrades, I have letter from her parents...they are nyet vampire hunters.
Belladonna Aura: Like I said, It's all in that Memo from Vic
Belladonna Aura: We posted it as a last resort
Red Saviour II: I will read memo... and make some calls to Motherland.

October Star II: If we had base like this...Soviet Union would not have fallen.
Belladonna Aura: We figured that we'd better have some record, and we knew you wouldn't look at a memor from Vic any time soon
Red Saviour II: From now on, all patrols suspended until Thea is recovered....alive or nyet.
October Star II: Understood. Returning to base.
Red Saviour II: we will scour Striga, brickstown, Steel Gorod
Red Saviour II: We will make Council regret they even touched her.

Red Saviour II: I am returning to CCCP hq for callings and search coordination.
Belladonna Aura: Nat? Stay out of the comm room, we're hot in here
Red Saviour II: Da, I will.
Belladonna Aura: Lots of bare wire
Red Saviour II: I need short rest...then I can go all night.
October Star II: Were it not such a dire situation, Commissar...
Belladonna Aura: I'll have Vic clean out our freezers and bring good soviet food over

October Star II: Am not feeling like humor right now.

Calignous Storm: Cleaning out the freezers is a good diea comrade. I stole that power already!

Belladonna Aura: What humor? You need food to function, Star
October Star II: ...nyet Bella...
Social Medicine: < Even Thanh Ha caught bad reference to 'go all night'. >

Red Saviour II: Da, and you will help me, with regular doses of speedings.

Belladonna Aura: Right. If Djinni calls in I'll be your liason
Social Medicine: Da.
Red Saviour II: Da. just remind him he owes me.
Red Saviour II: And FEi Li.
Belladonna Aura: Can do
Belladonna Aura: OW!
Red Saviour II: I think he will be eager to help.
Red Saviour II: I will see you in moments.
Social Medicine: < Bella? >

Belladonna Aura: I'll get a cot made up Nat
Red Saviour II: I need no cot!

Belladonna Aura: Yes, Thanh Ha?

October Star II: I...I have a few personal leads to follow up on, comrades. i will return to communications after I speak with them. I still have friends in Ukraine government.

Social Medicine: < ...Did you shock self with wire? >
Social Medicine: < Thanh Ha nyet fan of 'ow'. >

Sturmfront: A quick question for the computer people. Is there a way I can upload pictures from my camera into the *common* files on the quick, or only via my personal files in the network?

Sturmfront: You do need to see this. Bunkers, fortifications, howitzers and anti-aircraft guns.

Sturmfront: And a *smoke generator* of some sort that colours the exhaust of the station to look like the volcano smoking.

Social Medicine: < Thanh Ha only proficient with medical computer, am afraid. >
Calignous Storm: Comrade Sturm, I'm setting you up a high bandwidth link for the images. Please send them quickly, we need all the output we can manage.

Sturmfront: Very well. In the meantime, I am following more Council leads in Independence Port, as my contact with the Freedom Corps suggested.

Social Medicine: < Due to current circumstances, Thanh Ha regret to share with nguoi ban concern with Saviour chinh uy health. Thanh Ha am requesting assist from nguoi ban in making sure she makes appoint to see Soviette tien si or myself once fate of Althea is secured

Belladonna Aura: Hey Social! If you scoot over here now you can do an exam while she's half asleep

Sturmfront: I have a wolf!
Belladonna Aura: And what do you plan to do with the wolf?
Sturmfront: Tor...
Sturmfront: Interrogate it.

Belladonna Aura: Look I'm as concerned about Thea as the rest of you, but if Red goes down we're without a leader. Social, as temp-in-command, I suggest you get here and see why she's been throwing up every few hours
Social Medicine: < Thanh Ha am thinking Thanh Ha will. Is much better than trying to arm-bar strong Russia woman into sit still for exam. >
Sturmfront: Throwing up?
Sturmfront: Ah fuck.
Calignous Storm: I thought red was sick because of partying too hard..
Belladonna Aura: Every few hours
Sturmfront: Apologies.
Social Medicine: < Unfortunate, though, computer is slow and may take time to fully process. >
Belladonna Aura: Sturm, I have ussed far worse words than that this evening
Belladonna Aura: And I know worse ones than that
Calignous Storm: Bella, is your radiation under control? *peers across room with an alarmed expression
Belladonna Aura: In three or four languages
Belladonna Aura: Storm, am I AMing again?
Belladonna Aura: Um er, that's the greeny glow that both of us would get?

Belladonna Aura: If so it's not only harmless, it's good for you

Calignous Storm: Just thinking if Red is getting sick...well. Perhaps the doctor should check us all out, nyet?
Belladonna Aura: All personnell; we can now override and pull up to 3 people back to base instead of hospital

Calignous Storm: If, we don't blow every circuit breaker in the block, that is. Nobody breathe on this mess.
Belladonna Aura: All personell; I'm goingto go liason with Vickie Victrix and FBI contacts. Storm, you have the comm until I come bacl
Belladonna Aura: Yell on my freq if you need me
Sturmfront: Good luck
Belladonna Aura: Belladonna out