Tiny Magics....

From the Story Arc: There's No Place Like Home

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(posted Tuesday, June 07, 2005)

Tiny magics. No one ever notices tiny magics…..

Vickie was in the second bedroom of her apartment. There was no furniture here, just a finely crafted, heavy silk rug with the Circle Arcanum woven and embroidered into it. Once it had held the energies that could crack mountains. Now it contained the energied that could soft-boil an egg…..

Law of contamination: that which was once in contact with something always remains in contact with it.

Vickie sat zazen in the middle of the rug. There was a half-frozen loaf of home-made bread in here with her, and a quartz crystal sphere. Thea’s bare hands had kneaded that dough.

But it's on my watch. I'm a Knight-Mage. I'm sworn to protect my people.

Law of similarity: that which resembles an object, can establish contact with the object.

Beside the lump of dough, a picture of Thea, saluting, looking stiff and scared. The official photo used on her ID, pulled up by Bella off the CCCP database.

…..have to think small....never look for small magics....can't crack the shields...get around them?,,,what aren't they shielding against?....can't find her, that's blocked....ok, so what can I do....what's in the arsenal.....earth....healing...earth....healing.....

Law of unity: that which was once a part of something, always remains a part of the whole.

Beside the dough and atop the picture, three white hairs pulled from Thea’s hairbrush.

And a piece of the bedrock of Paragon City itself.

And Vickie, sitting zazen, firing off a healing aura as fast as it regenerated. Into the rock…directed by the artifacts of Thea’s life…into Thea. Near or far, if she was in contact with the rock…

Oh Red---you've got me. You've got me, big man, and you've got me good.

And you, me.

Do I get to say the "l" word without scaring you away?

Better I beat you to it.

Tiny magics, too small to notice. And who would shield against a healing aura?


You did this. You.

Never doubt yourself again. With you... things are clear again. I know what I have to do. Who I am. I... didn't, not for the longest while...

About half the time she could feel the auras “miss.” Well, of course…Thea was in motion, someone was carrying her around the city, probably in a car or a van. Only when she was in contact with the ground could the healing reach her. No matter what these goons did with her, as long as she touched ground for even a moment, the healing would get through to her. And she was tougher now, much tougher. Probably tougher than even she realized. They could hurt her, but Vic could heal her; the worst part would be the pain until the healing magic caught up with her again. But Thea was used to pain now. She’d even made jokes about it, the last couple of days. And she had something else to sustain her; something that made her go pink whenever someone mentioned the name “October Star.” That was a kind of magic too.

Tiny magics, as powerful as big ones, if you know when and how to place them.

Tiny magics…like the magic that can heal two broken lives, two shattered spirits, two wounded hearts. Sneaking up on you, getting under your defenses, making you whole again.

I love you so much I swear I will fight through anything to be with you

You won't have to.

I have to fight myself. And I will. And I will beat it.

And until the day you tell me to go, I will never leave you. So if you never tell me---I'll always be with you.


Tiny magics…..