Red Saviour rumors

(posted Sunday, May 09, 2004)


Many rumors spread about our missing comrade, Red Saviour. We have searched city low to high with no evidence. Yet now American media claims they know what happened.

Reporter for capitalist-controlled newspaper says that Red Saviour was kidnapped by 5th Column. He claims she is being held in secret facility. How does he know such things, he will not say. If he does not tell soon, I will cook him like southern American barbeque.

In moreover, picture has been shown on Fox American news (propaganda machine that hates CCCP!) that reporters claim is Red Saviour. This picture is an obvious fake, or is picture of some other person.

Easy to disprove photo. Red Saviour does not wear provocative clothing. This, Supernaut knows well. She is cold like tundra. Also, and more obvious, Red Saviour is not superhuman. Woman in picture is flying and glowing. How do Americans learn anything with news media that is so stupid?

Stop showing false picture or Supernaut will have something to say to you in person, news media apparats.