Zepoch Base Raid

(posted Thursday, July 08, 2004)

Comrades, as most of you know, I was out of city from July 2nd to July 5th, on leave in Russia. Most of you do not know what it was I was doing. Here is full report of action.

I was initially in Moscow in late June to object to Central CCCP's new policy dictates. I was stone-walled and ignored. Commissar Worker's Champion seemd to treat me with particular hatred, smiling with glee when he could stop my petition of Central Committee. While stroling in Gorky Park I was assaulted by strange men in red and white uniforms, but I killed easily and assumed to be supers hired by Russian mafia.

On my return on July 3rd I met new Red Brigade comrade Bestla. At first, I was assuming her to be normal great worker of people. Such was not true. She was discovered to be under unwilling control of Central Committee Commissar Worker's Champion and had been sent to kill important CCCP members. Was also revealed that many of her comrades in Russia were recruited into so-called "Pack" of assassains to be traind by Worker's Champion for his own personal vendettas.

Those targeted for assassination included myself, Commissar Red Saviour, comrade Red Eye, and Commissar Collective Fist, but was only start of purge to rival Stalin!

While on mission, Bestla broke from control of Worker's Champion and told me location of Pack training base. north of Zepoch mining village in Siberia.

I immediately, against orders of Commissars, flew to Russia stealthily and began to contact old friends from Soviet Military. I managed to colect, in all, one brigade of former KGB and Spetsnaz Border Guard elite infantry, two squadrons of Rocket interceptors from ex-Red Air Force contacts, and most members of old 3rd Moscow Air Defense Group with full flight armor and battle enhancements. We loaded into transport trucks or strapped on jtepacks and made way to Zepoch.

Upon arival in Zepoch on July 4th, Citizens in town refused to admit to base's existence. I suspected strong polotical conditioning by Worker's Champion. Eventually, base was located by air reconaisance of former 3rd M.A.D.G. troops. Was cleverly hidden in ravine, behind gigantic iron doors. Took directed-blast downgraded tac-nuke borowed from comrade ICBM to open.

Behind blasted doors was discovered many aforementioned Red and White dressed men, strangely resistant to radioactive blast. Upon autopsy by medic from border guards, men were revealed to be WCO Shock Troops by identification, and had many supersoldier enhancements like 5th column. Was shocked at blatent use of evil technology.

Battle for entrance tunnel raged on for many hours. Only by massed fire of artillery, napalm and missile air strikes, and close combat of 3rd M.A.D.G heroes were door guards defeated. Were over 100 in number, spread throughout full kilometer of underground highway.

At end of entrance tunnel was parking and storage area followed by smaller set of blast doors. These opened under slight persuasion of T-72 shell. Elite Border Guards imediately swarmed into doors and killed guards at security station. Comrade Red Virus, a freed conscript of Pack with great electronics skills, set cameras to freeze to keep from discovery. I suppose worked. We only had to fight around 30 at time.

Comrade Red Virus was not only Pack prisoner saved. Many were freed from bondage of evil Worker's Champion. I am unsure of names, as most departed quickly, but were all refered to friend Bestla in American CCCP. Is hoped her friends made out alive.

However, many were too indoctrinated to save. Some, such as Red and White suited men, fired at us on sight and had to be killed. Some looked like half way bear-men were beserk and could not be passed safely. Number of auto robot-guns poped from ceiling. Maybe were sentient, but did not care to ask.

Eventually, way was fought to great rooms near end of complex. One section was like hospital, but with prison force fields. We released prisoners, but turned out to be only one. Looked like scary demon with all black coloring and red eyes. He ran out, looked around, and teleported to Lenin knows where. Strange demon may to be still on loose, and do not know of which side it follows.

Coridor on way to final room was strewn with many energy generators. 3rd M.A.D.G. deomlitions expert wired to melt upon leaving, with power of 1000 hydrogen bombs. Was greatly approved of. When charges were set, we moved into final room.

There, cowering behind force field like pig-dog, was Worker's Champion. He made some speech about need for pureness in worker's paradise, and about degradation in CCCP to be remedied. Do not know all of speech, began shooting before end. Commissar Worker's Champion may be great warrior, but when faced with true might of proletariet warriors he ran like sissy into giant portal. Portal looks like pictures from Portal Corp brochure, makes me suspect spy in that company. We waited for 15 minutes for running-dog Commissar to exit portal, but had closed behind him. We set generator bombs to 20 minutes and left quickly. A few minutes before explosion, while at calculated safe distance, was watching base for straglers. I barely saw Worker's Champion's personal CCCP Antonov Learjet leaping to skies just in time to clear explosion.

Mushroom cloud was smaller than expected. Maybe some generator bombs were disarmed. Maybe base had very good armor. Maybe portal opened to take some of explosion. I do not know. However, the base was definately  destroyed, and entrance was burried when ravine caved in. Me and 3rd M.A.D.G. men went back to check with our radiation-proofed suits. Comrade Popov, a psychic freed from Pack, was kind enough to teleport into what was left of base areas. Could barely move in largest space. All inside must be dead. High-technology polymers and metals were melted under intense heat, none may have survived.

Was hard to salvage fantastic Pack training technology from rubble. Fortunately, some collective-minded soldiers had grabbed various techy thigns during progress of raid which were then turned to me for good of people. I sent friend from 3rd M.A.D.G. ahead to Paragon to deliver parts to commissars for beter use of American CCCP heroes. I am hoping they reached ok, troop said were given to ranking Official.

I thanked heroes and soldiers for help in time of need, and offered most place in CCCP (even soldiers and pilots could have been honor guard). I then flew back to Paragon City. This was 7 AM Eastern Amerikanski time on July the 5th. Attached are photographs from raid, what few there are. We had combat photographer, but was killed most brutaly while trying to get good angle fot picture. Needless to say, few others tried.

This is all I have to say. Glory to Reveloution!