What If?

From the Story Arc: Finding a Host

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(posted Friday, June 10, 2005)

Heat lightning ripped across the hot summer sky of the Paragon City outskirts, illuminating the deserted road and sleeping countryside. A storm cloud in the northeastern sky began to glow from a light source other than lightning. With a fiery burst, a craft emerged from the clouds, traveling too fast for a safe landing. Homeworld moved quickly in front of the spacecraft and began to wave his arm in a circular motion, creating a buffeting air vortex in order to slow its perilous descent.
A nictating membrane blinked vertically over the eyes. With what appeared to be some effort, the sentient crawled out of the hatch falling to the ground below.
Hiigaran stood well over seven feet in height and may be as tall as eight feet from head to toe. Its body is humanoid, with a black exoskeleton covered in assorted armored plates, tubes, and protrusions. It has a distinctive skeletal look to it; the head is long and pale, with a translucent skull.

The alien was coming to the end of its life cycle, was slow to move because it was dying. Hiigaran bent over further coughing violently stopping only occasional to spit out the green blood that filled his mouth. Wiping his hand along his mouth the flem mixed with blood clung to his fingers like spider webs. Leaning against a rock he wiped off the residue on to the solid surface.

“Homeworld--- (Heavy wheezing and coughing) I thank you for helping me. I had lost control earlier; I am just too weak to do this anymore”. He turned towards Homeworld and began his awkward walk. He had become frail and weak from the disease that cartilage and bones would crack from being so brittle.

“I got you the medicine you asked for---although they were not easy to come by. I had to steal them from a local chemical company”.

Hiigaran coughed and hacked and began clearing his throat of the build up in its air storage. He reached over holding onto Homeworld, “thank you my friend…”

“Here put this on”. Homeworld handed Hiigaran a breather mask to fit around his mouth.

“What is this for?” he questioned between coughs.

Homeworld replied trying to speak between the wheezes and coughs “For your health---this polluted human will play havoc on your air storage. It won’t be long before your scales have become filled with harmful deposits. How the humans do this to the planet is beyond my comprehension. Come I must get you indoors”.

He brought him to an abandoned medical building just near the entrance of Galaxy and Skyway. “Sorry, I know it’s not what you are accustom to but this is all I have. Some humans have difficult accepting us---what with the Rikiti invasion and all”.

Hiigaran’s breathing began to slow and become steady, getting out of the smog filled air helped him to feel better. “This will suffice”.

“Is there anything more that I can do?”

He knew his answer was going to be bad when Hiigaran glanced down at his hands and then shook his head. “No, Homeworld, currently there is nothing you can do. On the bright side, however, our researchers have narrowed down the potential causes of the disease. There is a good chance that sometime within your lifetime there will be at least a treatment for the disease.”

“My lifetime? What are you saying?” Homeworld became concerned over words he just heard.

“It was one of those common diseases,” Hiigaran muttered wearily. “Most of us grew out of it. All it meant, sadly, was that some of my organs died, or didn’t develop as healthily as they ought to have”. Hiigaran limped towards Homeworld dragging his right foot behind him. “I have come here to die Homeworld” (continuing to cough).

“What if I could find you a host?”

Hiigaran stopped in his tracks; he turned quickly “a host?”

To be continued…