Red Brigade: Positron Task Force

(posted Thursday, July 08, 2004)

Red Brigade Party Official Notice #5421
Subject: Task Force for Positron 'Hero'

Comrades, we have duty to investigate problems in Paragon City.  This will need heroes of Red Brigade to meet on Sunday, July 11 at 1 PM EST (10 AM PST).  Capitalist hero of nuts and bolts require team of at least three.  Security clearance of at least ten is needed but level clearance 14 to 16 ideal.  We knock skulls of criminal elements in city.  Help the workers.  Meet in Canyon of Steel at nuts and bolts capitalist hero.  Name something like Positron.  If sufficient numbers, Red Brigade form two Task Forces.

Party Official Untermensch

Thought for the Day:
"Individual effort for the Collective Will."