From the Story Arc: Finding a Host

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(posted Tuesday, June 14, 2005)

Hiigaran had decided that it was time, time to find a host. Those at the window barely had time to scream before being thrown backward when they saw the ionic blue bolt slam into the west wing of the building. Groups of students were knocked over in their cubicles buried in wreckage. One teacher was knocked backward into his desk, his head hitting the chalk board with a sickening crack. As his limp body slumped to the floor, a trail of blood followed in his wake.

The students who had been looking out the window had been flung backward over a row of cabinets, slamming into the second row, sending the desks and their occupants to the ground. The windows shattered as bits of molten brick and stone strafed the wall. Arctic wind blew into the room, sending papers flying into the opposite wall. A piece of brick hit a screaming girl in the head, silencing her. The shelves all broke off of the wall, sending fossils and textbooks flying into the floor which had become an entanglement of desks and students, several of which were bleeding badly.

Home World dropped in just ahead of Hiigaran placing his hand up asking him to stop.

“What are you…?”

Hiigaran turned quickly towards Home World, who flinched almost imperceptibly. Suddenly, he grabbed his head at the temple and staggered. Dropping to his knees as the Hiigaran looked from up to down. Home World doubled over, barely keeping his footing. He gripped the sides of his cowl and let out a painful grunt. Home World stumbled backward and fell.

He was instantly mobilized by the aliens screams. A tightness he had never felt before gripped the pit of his stomach as he began try to move away. He was arched backward, arms locked straight and pushing against the creature. His head was thrown back, mouth open, screaming worse than from any nightmare he'd ever had.

Hiigaran grabbed Home World by his neck raising him some two feet off the ground. He stared at him closely, as if his oversized eyes were large enough to see into his mind.

“I am surprised at you; you did not see what lay right in front of your eyes. These humans have closed your vision. You are not a suitable host---I require more”. Throwing Home World the ground he lumbered slowly dragging his right foot behind him.

He grabbed him again this time by the top of his head as his fingers dug into Home Worlds skull. He brought him close and wiped the blood streaming down Home World’s head with his finger. He stared at it as he rubbed the crimson blood between his fingers.

“Where is the host that you have for me?”

Home World found it difficult to focus as the pain in his head became so immense he found it difficult to think clearly.

“What host?”

“Don’t play games with me!” Hiigaran screamed the sound cracked what ever remaining windows that was still in tact. He grabbed Home Worlds face rubbing his own blood into his mouth.

“Taste your death” Hiigaran continued with a relentless anger pushing his hands down Home Worlds mouth. “I grow tired of this---give me what I need”.

Barely able to speak Home World spit out his blood through his red stained teeth onto the face of Hiigaran. “No---go fuck yourself!”

“Oh but you will---you will”.

Hiigaran placed his hand to the side of Home World’s head placing his finger to the scalp he began to push inwards. The long black finger formed to a point and began probing into his brain. “Deeper---deeper. Ah there---your resistance is strong, no name but never the less I have an image, and that’s all I need”.

A bright white circle formed around him and in an instant he was gone. A stronger power entered his sense, a host that was dying as well. Hiigaran could take advantage of the situation.

Home World fleeing with quantum flight his blue streak soared through the sky barely visible through the black clouds of smoke. Returning to the abandoned hospital he knew he had to the word out before it was too late.

Home World sat down at his computer in a frantic pace to send a warning out to his new friend Bella. He sat and tried to compose himself as he began to realize the grave mistake he might have made. When I made contact with Hiigaran I was relieved that the destruction had been stopped, but what if it had not? What if even worse destruction was still going on?

The ‘what ifs’ in his mind threatened to run wild and overwhelm him. Knowing the importance of his mission he firmly pushed all the speculations out of his thoughts. He knew his ability to stay clear and focused was vital and may prove to determine the outcome of this encounter.

He began to type quickly knowing his time was short:

Dear Bella,

I am sending you this email because in the short time I have known you I consider you to be my friend. In an effort to find your friend a suitable match I may have misconstrued the desires of the matching organism.

With the organism’s rebirth came a new obsession. The instinct to feed was replaced by a compulsion to procreate. The continuation of the species seems to be the organism's sole motivation, and since it requires a living host in order to do so, it will prey on any living thing it comes across. The Hiigaran life form is incredibly hostile. It cannot be reasoned or negotiated with and will seek to kill and/or capture anyone it comes across, seeing them only as possible host source.

First of all, the Hiigaran is incredibly strong, and is capable of lifting an adult human male, dressed in full combat gear, off of the floor. He can also punch through armored glass and can dent armored bulkhead doors. The Hiigaran is also quite agile and are capable of crawling through surprisingly small spaces. They can cling to a ceiling with ease, and can curl up in a fairly small space to hide and/or hibernate.

Please heed this warning. It is for the safety of all that he does not find your host, for he will consume him entirely. All the good in this world must be remembered. There must be a future or else all of humanities accomplishments and works would have been in vain. Death could not be allowed to claim these memories into its cold abyss, not without a fight.

I did not divulge the information on the name or location, but Hiigaran is very persuasive and I think he knows where the host may be. I am truly sorry.

Your friend,

Home World

Home World slumped over in his chair. He watched the blood. Watching it coagulate and flow, slowly form drops, and then fall, down to where it hits with terrible violence that destroys its delicate body, and splashes everything with red brilliance. Reaching out with his last breath he presses send.

To be continued???