The hideout of Vazhilok

From the Story Arc: Bestla's Diary

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(posted Monday, July 12, 2004)

Fellow brigadeers, the last days weren't easy for me. After messing in the Vazhilok affairs for too long, they ambushed and tried to kill me with their poisoned dart. Luckly I was travelling with Kostyak, and he saved my life. But my struggle wasn't over; while on the taskforce for Positron my shields went down all of sudden, and if it wasn't for my teammates, I would have died for sure. I thought it was a matter of little importance, a simple incident, but I found out yesterday that i was infected with a terrible disease. Ou of anger and fighting with the remaining strenght I fought in a lab to retake from the vazhilok a vaccine to save me, and I was successful. While recovering I was hinted by one of my contracts on a secret lair, and when I checked ou, a few hours ago, i discovered it was the hideout of Doctor Vazhilok himself.

With the help of a few friends we stormed the place, fighting fiercely all the way to the Doctor, but when we reached him he just killed all my companions.

It is a sad day for me, Panakeia (a greek superhero which I met in DDR when i was 16) died in my arms. The others... I coudn't even retrive the bodies.

I want revenge! I may have escaped once, but I won't run again. I'll bring him down or I'll die trying. You won't see my face again, if I don't kill that damned monster.

Kostyak, Blacklist, good people of the red brigade.. I need your help. I know, I'm asking you much, but I can't do it without you, and can't live on without doing it.