My Father's Son: Part One

From the Story Arc: Trench Warfare

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(posted Tuesday, June 14, 2005)

“Do you have the papers?”

“Do you have the money?”

The first man sits down in a booth where the second man was sitting. They are in a seedy bar/restaurant in the heart of Little Russia, New York. The first man is Hans Fredrick, CEO of a multinational conglomerate located in Manhattan, New York. The second man is Versilli Yazkov, a former scientist of the Soviet Union who now works for the Russian Mafia in New York. Fredrick places a briefcase of money on the table and opens the locks, facing the open end of the briefcase for Yazkov to see. “Twenty million dollars…just as your boss asked. Now, may I have the papers?”

Yazkov reaches into a small portfolio briefcase next to him and takes out a small, green folder and hands it to Fredrick. “All the information you need is in that folder, along with other key information you may find…useful.” Both men stand and shake hands, then proceed out of the bar. Yazkov tips his hat to Fredrick and walks along the sidewalk to another destination. A black luxury car pulls up in front of Fredrick, which he promptly enters. It is raining outside.

“Did you get the information,” the driver of the car asks Fredrick, who reaches for a briefcase after getting into the backseat. Fredrick waves the green folder in the view of the rearview mirror for the driver to see. “Excellent,” the driver mutters with a smile. “Where to now, Mr. Fredrick?” “To Manhattan…we have much business to attend to, don’t we, Heir Vigo?” Vigo laughs maniacally, sick intentions in his mind, as he looks in the rearview mirror to Fredrick. “That we do…”

“Vigo,” I mutter. “What in the world does this man have against me? And now, he wishes to target the whole of the CCCP. I feel like I’ve brought unnatural danger to you all.” I look into a shot glass of vodka that sits in front of me. I look around. This bar is getting on my nerves. Nothing but a bunch of drunken cowboys, but this is the closest bar to the HQ. I’m not much of a drinker, but vodka does take the edge off a hard day’s work. “We’re in danger everyday, mon amie. That comes with the territory.” Communard is trying to reassure me. Sounds weird coming from him, so I don’t take it too lightly. “Do you ever think things will be stable with the CCCP? I mean, if people aren’t being kidnapped or put in intensive care, they are leaving or…” He places his hand on my shoulder. “You think too much. Things are never easy for people like us. We picked a tough way of life. It’s up to us to accept the unsettling atmosphere. You should have seen France in my time…now that was cause for worry…” I stare at him hard as he downs a gulp of bourbon. I look into the glass of vodka again. “Da…we sure did choose this way of life.”

“The M.A.T.A.H.U.R.I.A. program is in full resurrection status. The work created by Chach Stratonik is now ours to do as we please. Here is a view of the device created by our scientists and a practice sequence performed by our first, live action test subject, Savate de Rue.” Fredrick, using a remote, brings up a schematic diagram on a projection screen in front of a large conference table. Sitting at the table are CEOs of many companies and corporations, harboring the intentions of making the M.A.T.A.H.U.R.I.A. serum a staple of Earthly living. Near the projection screen is Vigo. Vigo is tall, but thin. A mask covers his face and he dons black and grey clothing, with a Nazi cross around his neck. His disposition is that of terrible power, which he harnesses at a whim. “As you can see, gentlemen, this small, black device attaches to the back of the neck. Two needles allow it to burrow into the skin and smaller pincers attached to each needle keep it in place like a screw being drilled into a wall. In the black device are two liquids: This grey, murky substance and a blue transparent substance. Both enhance the user’s abilities, as you will see here.” Fredrick begins playing footage…footage taken from the attack Savate brought on the CCCP.

The men sitting at the table were in awe at how far Savate was able to push his potential. A mutant, with astounding abilities able to create himself into a god. It was all they needed to see. The stood and applauded at the end of the footage. Vigo and Fredrick smiled at each other. Their twisted dreams were becoming reality.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Fredrick?”

“There is a slight fault in our program that I did not mention and I prefer to keep within this room.”

“What is it?”

Fredrick slouches in the chair in his office and looks at Vigo who stands on the opposite end of his desk. “We do not have a blueprint to create M.A.T.A.H.U.R.I.A. serum.”

“What do you mean? Aren’t the scientists able to get it from the serum itself?”

“Somehow, no. It appears our friend, Mr. Stratonik, was able to create the serum without leaving a blueprint to the serum within it. The serum was created using a blueprint of human DNA, allowing any imperfections to be corrected at the cellular level. This man was clearly ahead of his time. With the amount of soldiers we have in the program, it would be a short matter of time before the serum was completely used up. Then our program would be at an end. He did make a mistake, however. We know the location of the blueprint.”

Vigo leans forward, placing both hands on the desk. “Where is it? Tell me and I will retrieve it for you.”

Fredrick takes a long stare at Vigo. “He placed it in his son’s DNA strand. To get the blueprint, we must retrieve Agn Stratonik, which is why Savate was sent after him in the first place.”

Vigo smirks. “Dead, or alive?”

“I care not…however, dead people are less likely to put up a fight.”