Lifes Choices

From the Story Arc: Finding a Host

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(posted Tuesday, June 14, 2005)

Home World awoke several hours’ later face down on the old dirty tile floor choking on his own blood. He slowly pushed himself off the floor grabbing for anything to pull himself upright.

“What happened to me? Oh crap--- am I dead?” He questioned as he tried to regain focus. Looking around the room the place was a dump.

“Damn it I am dead and I went to hell none the less”. He peered out the dirty window trying to wipe a clean spot just small enough to peer out of. “Hmm well Hell doesn’t look all too bad I mean at least there’s an IHOP next door. I must be dead, I mean look my wounds have healed I have been bandaged. Well there is only one way to find out. Home World started rummaging through the old desk and found an old faded red Swingline stapler.

“Alright here goes” he closed his eyes in anticipation ‘click’ “Oh crap that hurts; what an idiot I am, yup that’s pain---I must still be alive”.

“Wait if I am still alive that means---that traitor is still not found his host. My only hope is that Bella got my message and has him hidden”.

Home World Stumbled back to his desk, his computer was still on still sitting on the email screen. The message had been sent and read “by a ---what the hell is a Seraphim?”

He looked confused but also happy that he relayed his message.

He began rocking in the chair back and forth, “think man think, what can I do?”

He started chewing on a pen until the taste registered in his mouth and he began to dry heave. Bending over the wastebasket a small puddle rippled on the floor and slowly stopped. He stared at his reflection and smiled “that’s it”.

He began typing again.

“Dear Angel, no---that’s not right. Oh yeah Dear Seraphic Fire, you’re probably…”

A voice interrupted him “It’s Flame, Seraphic Flame”.

Home World stopped almost instantly as he twirled in his chair starring around the open room, no one was there, except for a good size rat who sat on the table opposite him nibbling away at a small hunk of cheese.

“Where did you come from big guy?” not that he expected the rat to answer but he certainly continued to stare at it for a while. “Wait you didn’t get that cheese over at IHOP did you?”

He smacked the side of his face a few times thinking to himself that he needed to stay focused on the task.

Dear Seraphic Flame,

“I am not sure who you are but you must know Bella, and if you do hopefully, she will tell you that I am very fond of her and ---. Wait strike that I do not think she knows that so just forget it. Anyway, she is a good friend of mine and I have inadvertently sent her a Kheldian by the name of Hiigaran to act as a host to a dying friend of hers, in some vain attempt to save his life. It turns out he is not exactly willing to join with him but to feed on him and take everything he has, all his powers, his energy and his spirit and add it to his own”.

“If this were to happen, well let’s just pray it does not”.

“I have come up with an alternative solution, which I feel will best help save the life of your friend”.

Home World stopped typing for a moment and took a deep breath; he gulped as he began to type again.

“While I do have compassion for your friend’s situation I do this for Bella. She has made me feel things that I as an alien never thought I could feel, friendship, caring and love. The smile on her face when I told her I would help put one on mine. The fact that she would do this for a friend amazes me. Human emotions are so powerful; unfortunately, it took me so long to see it. Bella has opened that to me and I am ready to give back what she has given to me”.

“With that being said I have decided that I will play host and offer my Kheldian spirit to him. I will heal him foremost and then enter his body where by transferring my white energy to him”.

“At that point he will continue on with his life with all new abilities, with a new guide in his life. Also I will cease to exist, by transferring my white energy to him I will lose my physical self and only will exist as a memory”.

Home Worlds eyes began to well up and run down his face, he knew it was the right thing to do but it still was difficult concept to grasp. Ending my life to save another, he thought to himself, my supreme sacrifice.

“We must move quickly Hiigaran needs him for final completion he will be looking for him in Atlas Park, meet me on the roof top of the Arena in Galaxy City as soon as you can”.

Home World sighed deeply, and continued his last line. “It would hurt me to see Bella there to have to say goodbye to her. Tell her I love her and tell her not to forget me”.

Your friend,

Home World