From the Story Arc: Finding a Host

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(posted Tuesday, June 14, 2005)

He had just finished pressing send when he heard a sad chuckle behind him.

He whirled his chair around, and found a warm hand on his shoulder, steadying him, as he swayed from dizziness. Then for a moment he was enveloped in flames.

And the last of his disorientation fell away.


"Seraphic Flame," said the woman, a strange red-skinned woman with glowing golden eyes, dressed in what looked to Home World like nothing more than jewelry. She knelt on the dirty floor and took both his hands in hers, and he had the unsettling feeling she was looking right into his mind.

Or maybe his soul, if he had such a thing.

"Listen to me, and believe me, my friend," she said. "I have known this was going to happen. This is the one course that can save both your friend and mine. I need you to be there to help me when the moment comes. And when that moment comes, you will know what to do.; Can you do that for me?"

And she smiled brilliantly, a smile so full of both joy and sorrow that it felt like a blow.

He nodded numbly.

"Thank you. And---your friend Bella thinks a great deal about you, and the only reason she has not sought you out further is because she is laden down with sorrow she does not wish to impose on anyone else right now."

She released his hands and stood up. "Go well, and wisely, and wait for my call."

And she vanished .