CCCP and Red Brigade Purge!

(posted Thursday, July 15, 2004)

Comrades. With pressure from Moscow, and outright hostility from Worker's Champion, we of CCCP and Red Brigade have to rally together to show support.

In order to do this, we need to know which of our members are still active, and if so, all dossiers and paperwork must be in order. Any holes in paperwork are giving ammunition to crazy old pervert Worker's Champion to shut CCCP down with big bullets of bureaucracy.

Please make sure your Bio, Archetype, Powers and Security Level are up to date and complete. Also send email to HQ email server to confirm that you are still active in CCCP or Red Brigade. You can see list of members whose paperwork is not in order at


If we do not hear from you, or see complete updates, we will put you on Purge list because we are assuming you do not care to fight for workers under CCCP banner anymore.

Is mighty team effort! Do not falter!