The Falling; Part 4 Blood and Shadows: Battle Plans


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(posted Thursday, June 16, 2005)

Red-Star looks over the faces in the Room. Red-Star had called all of his allies to this one meeting. The meeting place is one of Gray Ghost's hideouts on King's Row. After all of the months of battling the Czarist. The fighting was going to end one way or another...they where going to bring down the Czarist. In the room there was the Unyielding Vector-Prime, Ursa Major, The Gray Ghost, Keystone, and A new addition a Friend of Gray Ghost Warhawk Alpha.

Red-Star "'Da it is good to see you all here."

Vector "It is a pleasure to be invited to your home Red-Star"

Red-Star "We all know why we are here... we are going to bring the Czarist down for the death of Red-Gear and the loss of so much life here in Paragon City." "I will let Gray Ghost explain"

Ghost "Thank you Red-Star, Well as many of you many know we have been going head to head with the Czarist for over a year now. After the near Death of Red-Stars Wife, Red and I have been working to stop The Czarist in his tracks for the good. If he gets himself established in the USA The Czarist will be more of a threat than any thing this city has ever seen. Resent information obtained from Vector-Prime show the Czarist is about ready to begin operations here in the City. He is currently under the protection of Crey Industries and the Countess. She and the Czarist are having a little fling. I have gotten word from my contacts in Crey that the czarist will be moving into a Penthouse Apartment the countess has bought him. He will be under the protection of some of Crey's Protectors and personal security. My plan is very simple get in and bring the Czarist under arrest for the Murder of Red-Gears as well as the near Murder of Red-Stars Wife."

Ursa -Major "I want to bring my father down as badly as any of you, But what evidence do you have."

Ghost "It is not what information that I have, but that of the Countess herself.... You see in a resent visit with her personal bodyguard. Vector passed on some let say some very private pictures of her and the Czarist engaged in intercourse with one another. The Deal Vector passed on to here was the Negatives as well as all of the pictures would be destroyed if she found evidence to disgrace the Czarist public image and show he is a really a criminal... The Countess does not loose her image as a public servant the Scandal alone would bring some very unwanted heat to her."

Ursa Major "You got the countess to fall for this. You are good Ghost"

Ghost '"Well when you have been around as long as I have you get to know how the bad guys think" " the Deal we made with her is after we have brought down the Czarist. She will leak word to the public that a Villain under the rouse of being Crey hero has been operating an illegal operation under her nose. The resulting scandal will bring the DA into play and the Czarist will go on trial for a number of different charges. With the information I have. Interpol will also get involved. The Czarist will never see the light of Day again." "I will turn the meeting back over to Red-Star"

Red-Star "We hit the building tonight...the Czarist is being guarded by his own men remnants of the 5th Column. They are wearing Crey security force uniforms. The Czarist has one bodyguard with we will have to deal with that will be a problem. A tanker Crey protector. He has changed his name to Imperuim to honor the Czarist and the former Imperial court. The Raven the one who saved my wife has also informed me that the Czarist has been working with the Thorns to open a portal to the demon world with a Crystal called the "Tear of Darknessā€ the Czarist chanced by it with one of his battles with the Hellions." "If this Portal is open it could be the end to this world." "We have to hit him before the Crystal can be active." The only way it can be done is with the blood of Innocents." " I received a call from the director of the orphanage I have been working with he said that the Thorns had taken Natasha a small child I know as well as several of her friends. The Thorns said that if he called the police that they would be back and kill him and the rest of the children." "Only the Czarist would be this bold to suggest to the thorns to take someone this close to me...."

Ursa- Major stands up as well as the rest of the heroes in the room "So what are we waiting for we have my father to bring down and save this kids"

To be continued