They Found Me

From the Story Arc: Finding a Host

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(posted Friday, June 17, 2005)

The stars in the moonless night gave just enough light for Home World to make his way across the alley. His glinting pure white plate armor covered him from head to toe, yet he made no sound as he walked. He tried killing time by spending countless hours sipping tea at a small café along the Border of the park.

The thin window of the café did little to shield him from the noises of the city and of everyday life, as packed streets hummed with the sound of automobiles. Packed even tighter, the pedestrians shuffled ever onward, oblivious of everything except for their next step.

Twisting the plastic spoon slowly around his paper cup of tea, Home World stared outward as the sugar slowly dissolved, contemplating city life. Something was coming. The first tendrils of darkness were twisting outwards, seeping into the city and settling into the hearts of her citizens. Dark cults that exalted the name of Hiigaran had sprung up all over the city, if his sources were correct, committing unspeakable acts of darkness and cruelty for the pure sake of it. Evil was insidious, yet left no trail or trace.

With Hiigaran gaining recruits he would soon have spies in each corner of the city. This began to worry Home World as the time for resolution was drawing near. He glanced over at the clock hanging on the wall “damn it’s getting late” he thought to himself. Exhaling slowly, Home World’s eyes trailed the steam that was rising from his tea, gently drifting ahead of him before dissipating without a trace.

Drumming his fingers on the table slowly, Home World contemplated the state of play. One of his own kind had become careless, was killing indiscriminately and he had thus learnt something of itself. He dropped a small handful of change on the table and got up to leave. Home World pushed on the sheet glass door, entering the clamor of bodies that walked along the sidewalk effortlessly. Unfamiliar faces swam around him. For all intents and purposes Home World worked alone and made friends grudgingly. He threatened to drag them into something that they could barely comprehend and would more than likely die for.

He made his way to an old church in town, it had always fascinated him humans and their religion. Each slightly different then the next yet each worshiping the same Supreme Being. A priest was busy lighting candles as he watched Home World walking in. They exchanged nods briefly as the priest went back to his duties. Home World knelt in front of the altar, his mind cool and collected. He remembered the days when being when Hiigaran was his friend but it was different now. He began to contemplate the events which led him here, the loss of a friend, trying to discover love and the giving of his spirit energy to a total stranger. But it was needed, of course. He knew it had to be done; he could not let Hiigaran infect and control this energy that he so desperately required.

There was a noise, and Home World turned to see several figures, gnarled and hairy. Hiigaran’s cronies! They found me, Home World thought as he stood up to his full six and a half feet.

Home World motioned the preacher leave, who stood dumbfounded at the sight of the creatures.

“Hide” Home World said as he called upon his powers for the fight.

“You cannot fight in the house of God!” The preacher yelled as he ran out the back door.

The first creature launched itself at Home World with speed unimaginably fast. Home World caught it in mid air, and crushed its skull with one hand. Four more came on, but were decinigrate on the spot.

Now Home World shifted his stance a bright white light formed around him, his arms flailed wildly as his body composition began to change. The second of the four forms of the Peace Bringer took shape. The largest of the four and the one that could take the most punishment. The large white dwarf creature loomed over its attackers, claws tearing the air, striking at will.

Thirty more creatures attacked their clawed limbs and yellowed teeth ripping at Home World ferociously.

But Home World stood above it all, his figure a sign of power in the universe. He swung his claws once, and its power emanated from him, causing the creatures to crumble before him.

“My powers and armor were forged not of this world, tell Hiigaran that you are no match for me,” Home World said as returned to his normal human form. The rest of the creatures turned and ran.

Home World stood in the middle of the church door way with his shining plate armor covered with blood. The floor paved with blood and bodies.

“You can come out now” Home Worlds voice echoed through out the high ceilings of the church.

The priest peaked over one of the fallen pews “is it over?”

Home World reached out offering him a hand, lifting the old man to his feet.

“Yes---it’s over. I am sorry father that this happened in your house”.

“This is not my house son, this is the house of God, it’s yours to you know. I mean the bright white light that emanated from you, the creature of such brilliance you became you ---must be an angel---right?”

Home World heard police sirens off in the distance “not exactly---listen father---I need to go---before the…”

“I understand…use the back door”.

Home World ran out the back and flew away just as several squad cars pulled up in front. He had to get a hold of Bella or the Seraphim as quickly as possible. Most likely Hiigaran knew of his where a bouts and it would be long before he was tracked down.

To be continued…