Memo: Urgent

(posted Friday, June 17, 2005)

To Red Savoir and the CCCP
From: Alex Storkefski II The Red-Star

Greetings in haste comrade commissioner. I wanted to sent memo before heading out on important mission. Myself, Ursa Major, Vector-Prime, Keystone and the Gray Ghost are going after the Czarist. He has kidnapped several small children from the orphanage we visited and this Christmas. The Czarist is also working with The Circle of Thorns to open demonic gate to other world. The Czarist and Thorns plan on using the blood of children to drive the enchantment. We may need back up from the team. Also commissioner The Countess will be releasing documentation later tonight that shows the Czarist is criminal master mind. Wish us best of luck Red-Star