The Falling; Blood and Shadows Part 5: The Final Push


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(posted Saturday, June 18, 2005)

The night air is cool and crisp the heat of the summer is replaced by the coolness of night. The time of 11pm in Steel Canyon. Most of the business that operate during the day are closed the streets are relative quiet except for the few pedestrians going about there normal nightly routine. 6 figures hind in the shadows clocked in the power of invisibility. The stand across the Street from a small 6-story building with 4 guards standing outside. The guards are dressed in the uniform of Crey security forces, as the 6 figures watch them they can see the trained discipline of 5th column troopers.

Gray Ghost. “Well gentleman here it is the gate way to the Czarist. Now do we go in with full force and let him know we are here, or do we go in quiet like to save the kids and have the element of surprise on our side ”

Vector-Prime “Stealth would be the best way to go…my sensor say that the building is hard wired every window and door have a motion detector on them. We may not be able snick in. The front doors of the building are reinforced titanium”

Red-Star “Comrades this is the Czarist we speak about. Since when has he ever done anything with quiet intent?” ”This is the same basterd that betrayed Mother Russia to the Nazi’s during the Second World War.”

Ursa Major “Comrades…I say we go in with full force we take no prisoners this time. “ Ursa Major pops out his claws. “These are after all 5th column goons with my father. They have the blood of many innocents on there hands time to make them bleed for a change”

Keystone “Hold your horse their Ursa…we are heroes we do not go down that way. We just need to knock this guys out not leave a string of bodies behind us that will make us no better then they are”

Ghost “I have to agree with Ursa on this Keystone…. they are ruthless so many have died because of them. But I can understand where your coming from to…. we kill only if we have to is what I say.” The heroes look at one another and agree not to kill only of needed.

Red-Star “Lets do this”

Vector-Prime, Gray Ghost, and Warhawk Alpha all at different guard with their snapping attack. Ursa Major, Red-Star, and Keystone move across the street just outside of the motion sensors range. Red-Star yells out “NOW” With in a blink of an eye Keystone Ursa Major, and Red-Star are on top of 3 of the guards. The other 3 turning there attention to the on coming attack do not see the 3 bolts of energy humming in unison hit them in the chest area sending them flying to the side of the building. With in a few moments the battle is over and all six guards are on the ground. The heroes’ gather in front of the door inside they can hear the alarms going off. Key Stone uses his Earth mallet hits the door with a thud making a sizable dent in it.

Ursa major “At this rate the Czarist will be getting away if we don’t move faster!!!“

Key Stone “He I’m doing my best here”

Red-Star ”Move Comrade let me at it” Red Star draw back his large powerful fist and nails the door square. They explode inwards with a metallic thud. There in the lobby at 30 armed and ready 5th column troopers. A 5th column Lt walks to the front of the assemble troopers. “What do you want here heroes?”

Gray Ghost “ We are here to place the Czarist under arrest for the death of Red-Gears and all the other innocent people he is responsible for killing.”

The 5ht Lt “Over out dead bodies Hero…” “That can be arranged” With a Feral Yell Ursa Major jumps over the head of Gray Ghost and heads in to the thick of the Troopers. He beings ripping apart guns, body parts, and throats, blood spraying everywhere. The other trooper open up on the heroes. Gray Ghost and Warhawk Alpha go for cover. Vector-Prime rips into the nearest 5th column with his energy blasts. Red-Star and Key Stone run in behind Ursa Major and begin knocking in heads with fists and Stone mallets. In about 2 mins the battle is over the alarm still ringing. Ursa Major, Key Stone, and Red-Star are covered in the blood and flesh of the 5th column troopers.

Red-Star “Head count we all aright.” From the back they can hear Gray

Ghost “Shit…No Warhawk is dead. The Damn 5th got a lucky shot they hit him in the head”

Red-Star “Damn it!!!! The 5th must have a medical damping field in place. We will have to be careful. “ Red-Star and Ursa Major come over to where Warhawk's Body is laying the in unison solute him. “You will be remembered comrade.”

Gray Ghost pulls out an extra clock of his from his technical belt and covers the fallen hero with it. “Sorry Kiddo”

Vector-Prime “Looks like the 5th and the Czarist are playing for keeps Ghost”

Ghost “Yes they are Vector…. all bets are off. He wants this to in blood, then it will.”

The surviving heroes rush to the elevators burning with vengeance

The next 3 floors the resistance is at a minimal the trail of the heroes is easy follows with the corps of the 5th column troopers, warwolves, and mecha lining the way. As they doors open to the 5th floor the heroes find themselves in a room with a Single Grand hall. The Grand hall is filled with the spoils of a Person long lived in riches and fame a Large crystal shadier hangs from the ceiling. Along the walls are painting from France, Norway. Many of the paintings Gray Ghost recognized as art work that when missing during the years of the Nazi occupation of Europe. In the end of the hall the heroes can see a single large built man in metallic body armor the Crown simple of the Czarist on his chest. The person standing there is in his early 20tes standing 7’2’ 270lbs. His fists are glowing. Red-Star Steps forward. “You must be Imperium.”

The young man “I am, and you are Red-Star. Those with you are Gray Ghost, Vector-Prime, Key Stone, and The Bastered Son of My Lord Czarist Ursa Major. “ You will not pass by me Red-Star your little attempt at my master ends here.” The Imperium snaps his fingers and 4 doors open on his side of the room 4 MKII Pack wolf mecha walk out. ‘I will give you one change heroes leave now. My master will let you leave at this point. He has been impressed with your efforts to get him and has watch in amusement as you have battled your way up here.”

Red-Star “We are not leaving with out the children. Give us them and my team will leave.”


Red-Star turns around. “Major we must think of the safety of the children first… there will be another day. We have already lost one of our own the price has already been high enough.”

Ursa Major “you’re a coward you’re afraid of him.” Before Ursa Major can get another word out Red-Star grabs Ursa Major by the throat and lifts him off the ground. “IF YOU WHERE ANY OTHER MAN I WOULD KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND…. THE SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN IS FIRST…ONCE THEY ARE OUT OF DANGER WE WILL TAKE THE CZARIST OUT.” From the other end of the room the Imperum is clapping his hands. “Very entertaining Red-Star you are just like the Statesman… WEAK. No wonder the Czarist thinks he is a fool.” “It is also funny to see two brothers fight like this…Please continue”

The Blood Drains from Red-Star’s face… “What do you mean Brothers?…” Red-Star puts Ursa Major down. He looks at him "I’m sorry my friend…”

Ursa Major looks in to Red-Stars Eyes. “I under stand my friend…we will talk of this later.”

Red-Star turns around “What do you mean brothers…Imperium.”

Imperium looks in the at the Heroes “Let me explain Red-Star…where do you think the Russian Scientist that made you get the Statesman’s DNA. Where do you think they got the funding…. from the Russian government? Think about it they where spending millions to develop the Star Wars…Your Creation was co funded by lucrative Russian family...true loyalist the Russian Communist case. The funding came though them from a generous donation from a front company the Czarist owns. In a round about way the Czarist is your father Alex…Not the Man who raised you.”

Red-Star “No it can’t be true…it can’t be”

Imperium “It is Red-Star…the plan was to hand you over the Czarist at age 10…That fool that created you stood the Czarist up. He did in the end pay the ultimate price all of the Czarist enemies have done DEATH”

Red-Star “My father was killed by the former KGB.”

Imperium “You’re a bigger fool than I thought Red-Star. The Czarist owns men dressed in KGB clothing killed your Father. Do you think that the Russian government would try to kill you or your father? Your where to valuable to them alive.”

Red-Star’s eyes begin to tear up remembering how his father was gun down before him. Before Imperium can say another word. Red-Star moves in to action his rage fuelling his powers. He hits Imperium with a haymaker that sends the big man flying in to the wall behind him. Ursa Major and Key Stone Follow in behind Red-Star going after the Wolf Mecha. Before Vector-Prime can move in to action Ghost grabs him by his arm “The painting the Antiques in this room can not be damaged. They are priceless treasures to my people Vector.”

Vector-Prime “Under Stood Ghost” Vector-Prime takes aim with his Sniper attack on one of the MK II Wolf’s. Gray Ghost take aim at the same Mecha. In a release of power both shot ring out and hit one of the Mecha. The Wolf Mecha Falls the ground with a metallic clang a hole shot though the chest region.

Red-Star nails Imperium with a Left hook. The big man reels, as Ursa Major follow up with a swipe of his claws ripping open the Imperium’s body armor. Key Stone with his Rock fist cocked and ready to strike is hit by the backhand of one of the MK II. Key Stone flies backward into one of the painting. As Ghost looks on in horror. Key Stone bounces off the painting leaving no marks. The view in front of the painting shimmers for a few Seconds. “A Force Field…VECTOR HIT THEM WITH NOVA NOW!!!!”

Vector-Prime “What about the Paintings?”

Ghost “Do it they are protected with a Force Field!!!!”

Vector Prime Leap in the middle of the Fray. Red-Star pouring all of his anger into attacks on Imperium. Ursa Major begins battling one of the MK II. He leaps out of the way of an attack that would have killed any lesser man. With a Sudden Flash of Light and Power the room explodes in pure energy. When the rest of the heroes in the rooms eyes again focus. The MK II as well as Imperium lay on the floor. Vector-Prime is shacking. Ursa Major, Red-Star, and Ghost can see his power cells are spent. Ghost goes over to see Key Stone is doing. He is lying in the floor knocked out but other than that his pulse is still strong.

Red-Star ”How is he Ghost?”

Ghost “He is knocked out, but alright”

Red-Star ‘We can’t leave him there on the floor like that what about the Czarist forces there may be more in the area.”

Vector-Prime “I will get him out It will take several Mins for my power cells to recharge before I can join you again.”

Ursa Major looks at Red-Star, and Gray Ghost…”Shall we?”
Ghost “Yes Now we end this”

As the doors to the 6th and final floor open up the step into an open area the same as the room be on the 5th floor. This room is broken up in screen. On the open common area held in mind air with a hold spell are the 3 children. One of the thorns stands near the children. The other is standing by the Czarist with the “Tear of Darkness’ Floating over the Czarist. He is bathed in a strange green glowing light.

Red-Star voice is filled with contempt and hatred “CZARIST!!!!!”

The thorns stop their spells. And the Czarist turns around his eyes glowing with a strange force. “So you have made it past my little personal army. To bad the Countess will be sending reinforcements soon.”

Ghost “That is where you are wrong Czarist. She is the one that tipped is to what you where doing tonight.”

Czarist “Weak minded Bitch. She is so scared of her public image I should have figured.” “I bet she is even planning on giving me up the authorities.”

Ghost “You’re a lot smarter than I will give you credit for.”

The Czarist looks at the three heroes “Ursa Major…. my own bastered son here to see his old man again. Tell me do you like the little gift I gave you Your Claws and regeneration was not cheep.”


The Czarist “You can try you see I have become one with the “Tear of Darkness” Once those little Basterd commie children are killed The Spell will be complete. I will be more powerful than all of you combined. I my even go out and kill the statesman Just to check how far my powers have gotten”

Red-Star “We will see about that!” Red-Star takes flight and heads at the Czarist. When he is with in striking range the Czarist backhands Red-Star sending him flying the floor. Ursa Major leaps at his father with both claws out before him. The Czarist hits him under the chin and snaps his head back. Laying out Ursa Major on the floor before him. Gray Ghost lets loose with a Sniper shot. The Czarist expects the blast coming and braces for the hit. The shot goes wide and hits the Thorn that has the old spell over the children. The children hit the floor with a thud. The look around at the battle beginning and freeze in terror. Natasha looks in the face of Red-Star. Red-Star looks at her and yells “go with The Ghost Little one, he will get you to safety….GO NOW!!! Red-Star gets back up and goes after the Czarist again. He nails the Czarist with a solid left hook that should have crushed his head in. The Czarist head snaps back he turns around and smiles. “I told you Star More powerful than you.” As Star looks for the children he can see that Ghost has them around him and is leading them out. The Czarist hits Red-Star with a roundhouse right fist to the face. Red Star flies back in the wall on the other side of the room. The Czarist begins to move to finish of Red-Star. From his right peripheral vision he can see something moving as he looks, Ursa Major strikes ripping his claw across his fathers face. As Ursa Major spins around the Czarist grapes him by the throat and begins to squeeze. Ursa Major can feel his life as well as his throat being crushed. As the Czarist is bleeding he looks in to his sons face and with a demonic hatred. “You little ungrateful basterd child. You and your sisters where always-WEAK children not worth the sperm I wasted in that Bitch of a mother of yours. I should have killed you when I had the chance. I will not make the same mistake again” as the Czarist is focusing on Ursa Major he is tackled and sent flying away from Ursa Major and dropping him in the process.

When Ursa Major; looks up he sees the Czarist hitting Red-Star in the midsection with a series of blows each time he can see the pain in Red-Stars face, as well as the spray of blood from his mouth. As Ursa Major looks around he can see the last remaining thorn has cast a hold spell on Red Star. Ursa Major runs at the Thorn. The Thorn realizes that Ursa Major is not dead, as he had thought. Major impales the thorn on his claws and rips up. The Thorn now a bloody mass of flesh hits the floor. Ursa Major looks and can see that Red Star has his hands around the Czarist neck. Red Star Screams out at Ursa Major “TAKE OUT THE TEAR OF DARKNESS!!!” Ursa Major, understanding Red Star’s orders, leaps for the “Tear of Darkness” and strikes with a double claw strike crossing his arms over. Czarist seeing this attack screams in a demonic voice “NOOO!!” The world around Ursa Major, Red Star and the Czarist explodes into a ball of green light.

As Ursa Major comes to he looks around the darkened destroyed room. Stumbling while trying to stand up, looking at the devastation around the room he can see that the force of the explosion has destroyed the entire room and blown out one wall on the west side. What debris is left is on fire. He thanks the Gods that he has survived. Surveying the room he finally gets his voice back. He yells for Red Star. He is overtaken by a panic knowing that there is no response. He begins rummaging through what debris is left in the room, flipping over what remains of the furniture. He arrives to a couch very near to where the Czarist and Red Star stood. Underneath the couch he finds Red Star’s helmet badly dented. The horror of the situation finally sinks in. The Red Star is gone.

As tears fill his eyes he looks to the hole in the west wall. He can see Red Savior as well as several members of the CCCP floating in front of the whole. Red Savior says to Ursa Major “Where is Comrade Red Star?” Ursa Major responds, “I am not knowing Commissioner, all I found of Comrade Red Star is his helmet”. Red Savior and the members of the CCCP are stunned to silence. To be continued…