A call in ragmuffistan night

(posted Saturday, July 17, 2004)

Dear diary yesterday I recived a call from a strange guy:
Strange guy "Uh... ehrm.. Bestla?"
Lady Bestla "It's 5 am in Ragmuffistan, you bloke! I was sleeping in my BMW and this idiot ring me... who the hell are you?"
SG "Well actually.."
L.B. "I don't care if this is not my car, Blackmetal told me to sleep in the car, what are you impling, that i'm some sort of vagrant you DUMBO?!
SG "I didn't even.."
L.B. "Just becouse I don't have no money, no place to stay, no invitation to fancy parties, no handbag with brick inside, no cool timezone IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN BOSS ME, YOU JERK! BEGONE!
  --- Click ---

Lady Bestla: "Aye?"
Strangeguy (from now on Synapse) "Listen up you primitive siberian farmer, Positron told me you did a good job with the AntiMatter task force. Now, he feels he's so great becouse his taskforce is very popular and he has as assistent the fine Valkirie, while I have that deformed circus drop off of Minx, and don't tell me that just becouse he has Energy as Primary while I have TAH SH1T OF ELECTRICY he is more important, respec will come and I'll go for FIRE/DEVICES, UH? HOW ABOUT THAT, YOU PUSSYWAGON POSITRON?.
I want you to do a Taskforce as soon as possibile, to bring me popularity and eventually a new and cooler assisten (Ms liberty, sister Psyche or whatever). And don't spill out the usual comunistic propaganda on me, you want that single origin Enhancement, and I want fame and babes to PORK WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE.
Lady Bestla "First: Name was AntiFascists, not AntiMatter. Second... whoah.. you're a real man. I mean.. really.. I wish more heroes where as manly and frightening as you... you know a girl wants to be impressed too.."
Synapse "Yesterday.. uh.. some single origin enhancements ... uh .. fell.. yeah fell from a .. uh.. camion, yes. So, I have what you search for, field a team and do this taskforce. And remember our special mantra
Lady Bestla "YESSIR!"

And I coudn't sleep anymore.. stupid SynArse I hope he dies.