Choosing Sides

From the Story Arc: Finding the way home

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(posted Monday, June 20, 2005)

Xavier quickly turned expecting to see Seraphic Flame gazing down at him. But nothing, was it just his imagination, or her voice trying to guide him.

Xavier wasn’t sure what he should do, his anxiety and confusion were tormenting him and clouding his judgment. A part of him loathed these humans and all of their love and selfishness, while another part pitied their weakness and admired their acceptance of their weaknesses. These thoughts were distressing him, giving his grief from him loyalty to his creator and master, whom wished him to destroy these petty humans. His conscience was threatening his sanity and his life at the same moments, if his master found that he would not obey then his own life might be at stake. Yet at this moment he could find no reason to neither kill nor save these humans.

Xavier sighed reaching up and pushing a strand of bright white hair that had fallen into his ghostly white eyes. A gaze nearly without emotion that drifted out among the humans that surrounded him on this crowded sidewalk. None of the realizing the power he had within him, the deeds he had once done. Though hints of his inward battle with himself were evident in these eyes, hints of the confusion and torment that was boggling his mind.

Standing slowly, his pristine face returned, full of deceptive innocence. Twisting his neck around until it cracked, Xavier exhaled outward slowly.

“You know what you have to do” A voice again, but not of the Flame, but a menacing voice filled with anger, hate and contempt.

"Yes." Stumbling forward a few steps, Xavier looked at the dagger on the blood drenched ground. His armor was sodden with the lifeblood of others, his hands dyed red. “First this man I see in my visions, he protects someone---but whom? I sense a power from him that seems so familiar, yet he is different. He is not endowed with angelic powers yet a presence with in him. He speaks to someone of great power and importance. I see him clad in white and red armor, a blue star about his chest. He is not human, but not angel or demon. He speaks of changes and powers, he can save lives”. Xavier began thinking to himself, of what being is this that can give life to the dying? “I must move closer, yes I see plans with in plans, I see a man dying, a savior, and one losing her powers. His name?”

“Home World and I see---no---no---I mean why, Seraphic Flame and yet she offers her heart to him. How can that be? What did she give me then?”

Laughing gently, a form coalesced in front of Xavier with a delighted smile on her face. Walking forward slowly, she stopped in front of him. Bending down and taking her by the sides of her head, she bent in close and placed a tender kiss upon his forehead.

"Serve me in death as you did in life, Xavier. Destroy the Seraphim and her whelps. Bring her to my side in servitude. Then." Almena said, tracing a finger down the side of his face, "I might tell you the way to heaven."

A broad smile broke out over Xavier’s hauntingly dark features as Almena slowly disappeared in front of him. Walking forward, he trod on the knife as she left, blood trailing away behind him. There was so much death to mold...

“I have given you my heart do not forsake it as you have use it, for it can save you”. The gentle guiding voice filled the ears of Xavier.

“Where are you, you speak, yet you do not reveal yourself to me”.

“Oh Xavier, how far you have fallen. I am in you---I am a part of you”.

Was he supposed to help or hurt…was he of good or evil…the answer to that question was still battling it out with in his mind even while he wasn’t tending to it first hand he could feel it’s presence there. Ever looming in the back of his mind trying to force him to choose a side.
He wasn’t sure what they meant and opened his eyes to see whom was speaking to find only a white haze surrounding him. Turning all the way around, or what he thought was all the way around, Xavier realized that the white haze was all that was there.

No rooftop

No Almena

No Humans.

No Noise…not even his moments…not even his breaths…

Where am I…what happened on that rooftop… He wondered

His thoughts trailed off for a moment as he tried to stare through the think blanket of for that clouded his vision. It was then that a voice reached his ears.


It was soft and seemed to be coming from her left, taking a step toward it, another voice came to him…

Xavier saw a slender silhouette. The light illuminated the shadow's features. The hair was long and flailing like golden lightning. The eyes bright yellow like staring into a swimming pool of the sun. Lips pale pink, and skin of tan.

Little diamonds orbited around the female figure. Tears of pain and realization.

"Seraphic Flame!" Xavier screamed showing his first signs of shock, and sadness.

To be continued…