The Falling; Blood and Shadows, Aftermath and Redemption. Part 6


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(posted Tuesday, June 21, 2005)

Tuesday Morning, June 21. It has been 4 days since Red-Star has goon missing. Vector-Prime, Key Stone, And the Gray Ghost have looked and shaken up every contact and thug to find Red-Star. Ursa Major was ordered to report back to the CCCP Head quarters till a further investigation could be done inreguardes to the events of Friday Night. A single Grey gloved hand picks up a destroyed book from a pile of debris. “I just don’t get it Vector…I was only gone for about 3 mins I got the kids down to you on the 5th floor then the we heard the explosion. “ “ We have looked everywhere in this city for him. I think he is dead. “

Vector-Prime “I have used every sensor that I have at my disposal. I have even used my vessels scanners on this area. An I found almost nothing”

Gray Ghost “Almost nothing what do you mean you did find something”

Vector-Prime “My Ships scanners found a high level of Caporal and Temporal energy here, a direct result of the explosion of the “Tear of Darkness”. With the Czarist mending with the Crystal, and the sudden release of energy like that it would be common”

Ghost “Vector Can I have a copy of the those readings you got from the scan.”

Vector “I already have it on me. Red-Saviour asked me to bring her any thing unusual I found” Vector Prime taps a storage area on his arm and a small disk pops out. He hands it to Ghost “Here this was the only media I was able to find on your world to be able to hold such information like this. A new product from Japan a micro DVD. Place it into any computers DVD player it will still be able to read the results.” Vector looks around the destroyed room “I know you Ghost you thing there my be something else here, something that I may have missed. I can tell you Ghost our friend Red-Star is gone.”

Ghost “I know Vector, I’m sure you are right, but my detective side is still screaming at my for some reason I just can’t put my finger on it yet.”

Vector Prime “Come my friend, let us leave this place. It does you no good to be here and keep punishing yourself for something we could not control”

Ghost “ I know Vector. I know. I just wish I had been here for him…my be I could have made a difference.”

Vector “ He died like he wanted to Ghost taking out an evil that the world my have not been able to stop”
Ghost “I know vector. But still does not take way the guilt I feel for not being there.” The two heroes leave the destroyed building heading to the CCCP HQ to deliver the results of their investigation for the Red Savior.

Red Saviour looked out across the City from her office window. She had taken a break from here morning paper work to enjoy here cop of coffee. The morning light blazing in the sky. Red-Saviour thinks to herself this is going to be a very pretty day. Red-Savior had not gotten much sleep this past 96 hours. Friday night she and some of the members of the CCCP had responded to the memo she had found on here desk in regards to Red-Star and Ursa Major going after The Czarist. When she had arrived she found Ursa Major badly hurt and no sign of Red-Star. She and the members of the CCCP had spent 3 days looking everywhere in the City for their comrade. The hardest part was telling Red-Star’s wife that something had happened to him. The tears and emotions that come to her face had almost made Red Savior upset. It was only because of her training as a solder that had saved here that night. Red-Savior had brought Nania Storkefski to the CCCP head quarters to rest and be close to the place any information that would be coming in. Nania had gotten so upset at one point that Red Savior had told Soviette to administer a sedative to the poor women from loosing it all together. Naina was still sleeping after all this time. The grieving would come later, it always does. Red-Savior did not need to have the additional stress of a concerned wife to stop her or the team from focusing on finding Red-Star or any information on his whereabouts.

Red Saviour had remembered the first time she had met Red-Star. She was impressed on how large and powerful the man had looked. She was almost dumb founded when she had found out that she had a clone of the Statesman in her ranks. She had been hard on him at the beginning, but in time she became to see his more noble side of his spirit and in a way it had touched her and change her as well. She thought of Red Star not so much as a warrior under her command, but as a personal friend. In some ways they where in short supply today…no on knew how much stress she was under with all of the red tape from Moscow and her personal life. In Red-Star’s friendship she had almost found a safe harbor. Red Savior snaps back form here memories of Red Star and find that her checks are wet. As she feels her skin she can see that she is crying. As she looks out across the city landscape again she knows in her heart that Red-Star is gone.

Paragon City University. Main Campus. A lone student sits under a tree on the campus proper trying to read his assignment before his class this afternoon. Each time he begins to red his thoughts go back the events of Friday night and the loose of Red-Star and the Death of Warhawk Alpha. Is thoughts are interrupt by a soft female voice saying “Hello Sailor” in a sedative way. As Key Stone looks up, he can see standing before him a blond haired green-eyed girl with an incredible figure. It is Beth O’Conner. “Hey honey”

Beth taking a set next to Key Stone “Babe what is going on I did not see you all weekend.”

Key Stone “ I’m Sorry Beth, the mission I told you about Friday night when badly”

Beth. “Oh God was any one hurt.”

Key Stone “ We had one fatality a young guy about my age his name was Warhawk Alpha…. and Red-Star”

Beth “Red-Star wasn’t he the friend of your one teacher who died a earlier this year.”

Key Stone “Yes he was Beth, we had been working together for some time trying to found out who was responsible for Red-Gear’s Death.” “He found out that it was a person by the name of the Czarist that was responsible for his death. “Friday night Gray Ghost Vector-Prime myself and Red-Star raided his pad.” “I was knocked out on the 5th floor and when I came to I had found out we had stopped the Czarist and saved the kids we had come for, but not without some lose.” “I spend the rest of the weekend looking for him. I fear that he is dead Beth.”

Beth “He must have been one hell of a Hero for you to think of him like this.”
“I my not have known him Stone But I can tell you this I don’t think he would want you to grave for him like this. If this Czarist was a bad as you say. He died to stop him. That should account for something.” “Think about the loose of life there would have been if you guys had failed.” Beth takes Stone’s hand.

As Key Stone looks down at his Girlfriend small hand and then into here Green eyes he suddenly realizes that Red-Star did not die in vain that his life was used to safe Paragon City and all those that live here. Key Stone gets closer to Beth and kisses her with all of the passion of life he has. “Your right Beth. Thank you sweet heart.” Beth squeezes his hand in response.

CCCP Head Quarters 5th Floor, Ursa Major’s Room.

Ursa Major sits on the end of his bed and holding the damaged helm of Red-Star in his hands. He looks at it and knows that his friend is gone after 3 days of looking Red-Star is MIA and presumed dead. Killed in the line of duty defeating the Czarist, Ursa Major’s hated Father. Ursa Major thinks to himself “We did it my friend my father has paid for his lies and the lives he has taken, but nothing will ever be the same again. Even now the members of the CCCP don’t trust me, they know who my father is. I’m watched with disgussed I can see it in their eyes and faces.” Ursa Major has been here since Saturday morning awaiting word about what Red Savoir wants to do with him. After he had told here the truth about his origins he could see that she had almost lost her cool and beat him with in an inch of his life. If his wounds had not been so bad she would have done it. He is sure about that. He had been transported back to the CCCP HQ and resting in his room ever since. Ursa Major knew that he could leave at any time, but thought it would be best to stay here under a self imposed house arrest till this matter was dealt with. After 3 days of silence he knew his career with the CCCP was over. Ursa Major stands up and places his friends helm on the desk in his room. Ursa major goes to his closet and pulls out his 2 burlap bangs and begins to pack. Halfway though the second back his door chime rings. “Enter” the door hisses open and it is Red Saviour standing there. Ursa Major stops his backing and solutes her with all of the military briskness he can muster. “Comrade commissioner.”

Red Saviour “At ease Ursa Major.”

Ursa Major stands in a military resting position with his hands behind his back.

Red Saviour “Going some where comrade?”

Ursa Major “I was packing my things comrade I was expecting you to come at tell me to pack and get out of your team.”

Red Saviour “ You did…did you?”

Ursa Major “Da comrade commissioner”

Red Saviour “Your are right on one thing comrade I have come here to talk with you, but not to ask you to leave.”

Ursa Major “Your not going to ask me to leave comrade commissioner?”

Red Saviour can see the look of confusion on Ursa Majors face “Nyt you are not allowed to leave. I am being upset with you about not telling us who you really where, and for going after The Czarist without backup.”

Red Saviour walks over to Red-Star’s Helmet and picks it up. Ursa Major can almost see tears begin to from in Red Saviours eyes. They disappear as quickly as they came. “Comrade Red-Star was very brave man, foolish at times but brave. His loss I can see was not for nothing.” “I have read report from Gray Ghost and Vector-Prime as well as Soviette. It seems that from what they have reported. Red-Star could not have survived a blast like that. He is truly gone. Your actions did save a number of lives and the lives of the children. The Orphanage manager called be a short time ago. He said children are grateful to their heroes Ursa Major and Red-Star and would like them to come over for Story time. I told the Manager that Red-Star did not make it, but that both you and one other of the CCCP will come over some day for story time.“ Red Saviour places Red-Star’s helmet down on the desk and looks up into the eyes of Ursa Major. “You are brave soul to fight your own evil father like that despite your bloodline you have earned my respect. Not my trust but respect. It is out of respect for my friendship with Red-Star that I have not had you thrown you out of here. You will remain with the CCCP for now.” Ursa Major goes to say something “SHUT UP MAJOR” Ursa Major snaps back into a military solute, and responds “YES COMRADE COMMISIONER” he drops his arms back to his side. Red Saviour continues. “You are not out of the woods yet Ursa Major. You will be confined to HQ for the next 4 weeks. You will be going to Communist classes and combat training for 12 hours a day. When you are not sleeping or studying Material you will be on KP duty, as well as bathroom detail. You will mop all floors on building. After you are train up to speed you will be allowed back into field. Is this being understood?

Ursa Major “Da comrade Commissioner”

Red Saviour ”Rest yourself comrade. We have another funeral to arrange for…” as Red Saviour leaves she places Red-Star’s helmet on the desk again. Before she leaves the room she stops as the door hiss open “I miss him to comrade Major. Red-Star will be a hard person to replace. “ Red Saviour walks out. Leaving Ursa Major to his thoughts. As Red Saviour walks down the hall way she gets the feeling she is being watched as she turns around to see who is there she sees no one in the area. A felling cold comes over her. She shutters as some one has stepped over her or a comrades grave. She begins again to walk back to her office. From a room high in Paragon City a lone Mage sits and watches over Red Saviour. “Very Good Comrade commissioner …very good. You know something is strange.” “This Story may yet have an interesting ending.”