Awaiting the End

From the Story Arc: Finding a Host

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(posted Wednesday, June 22, 2005)

Hiigaran sneered at the pleas of his hapless victim. Such a sweet symphony of pain and anguish that he fed on with every piercing cry. A smile of satisfaction split his thin lips into a frightening grin. As he did so his fangs glinted in the soft moonlight.

Hiigaran grabbed Home World by the top of his head, brining him up to eye level. His heart felt like it wasn’t in his chest anymore; he could feel it thumping harder and harder in his throat making him want to vomit blood. He was beyond nervous, beyond scared, beyond terrified. His body no longer could control itself and it felt like someone was standing over him, pulling his strings like a puppet. Except the strings were tangled and twisted so he no longer worked in the way he should. Just a rag doll remained.

“Why? He began grinding his teeth in rage --- why do you protect this one so?”

Home World could barely see out of his eyes as his blood dripped over his lashes making it difficult to see. He grabbed at Hiigaran’s arm trying to dislodge his form grasp. The pressure on his skull was becoming unbearable.

“I will give you one last chance to reconsider. Give me the host, I need that body to be whole, I need that spirit energy. Give it to me!” Hiigaran took his other hand pushing it down on Home Worlds face leaving a trail of scars down his cheeks. Crying out in pain Home World spoke as the blood puddle in his mouth.

“I shall not be a pawn on your chessboard. I have my free will, and I intend to use it, to find a way out of this mess that I have placed myself in. The only way that I will become part of his collective is if I become one with the universe”.

Hiigaran reached back and with full force connected with the head of Home World. A giant menacing crack echoed the empty room as Home World began to go limp.

Hiigaran brought back his devilish grin “now Home World--- you must die”. His hand began to glow in a great white ball as he reached back for the final blow. Just as he brought it crashing down he suddenly stopped.

“This is for my people.” Home World grabbed a hidden dagger and plunged it into Hiigaran’s chest breaking the armor. “And this--this is for you.” He growled and thrust the dagger in a second and final time. The fatal blow. His eyes burned with hate as he watched the last moments of life leave the wretched creature. As he Raised his arm upward small drops of blood trickled down his chest dripping to the floor below. He felt the small hole in the opening of his armor. Bringing his hand back in front of his eyes, his green blood coated his finger. Hiigaran’s grip lessened he removed the dagger and watched with solemn triumph as Hiigaran fell into a crumpled heap at his feet.

“And now my friend, you shall join the lost souls that you have for so long tormented.”

Home World body battered and broken lay in pain on the floor. His eyes swollen to the point of being shut could see only blurs of images. Hiigaran’s body lay lifeless in font of him, but an even larger figure loomed in back dressed in black metal armor, with a monocle red eye. Home World could hear voices but they were muffled and sounded almost like a machine.

‘Several hours pass’.

Home World started slowly blinking his eyes, the swelling had not gone down completely but enough where he could start making out shapes. The heavy rain pounded against the window as he awoke on that early morning. He sat up slowly rubbing his now bandaged head. He did not know how he got where he was but he was happy that it was over. He knew that on that day his life had changed forever, but he didn't know if this change would destroy him or set him free.

He threw open the windows and took in the full view of the large fenced in yard with its crystallized evergreen trees running down the length of the north fence line, and his eyes moved on to the large oak tree with its weeping branches, carrying the full burden of heavy rain that had fallen all through the night. The sky was as dark and gloomy as his spirit, with a promise of more rain to come.

Another hour passed as Home World just stared out the window watching life pass him by. The sun slowly peaks its face through the clouds. Reluctantly he took a seat, glancing about the room, now awash with autumn sunshine. It was the first time all afternoon he’d stayed someplace long enough to look around as he did now. Though the walls were drab and the floor cold, Home World had managed to create his own little world in the space given to him.

‘Dream Sequence’

Bella walked fearfully by Home Worlds side up the muddy, gravely path. She clung to his hand tightly, her small hand locking with his own constricting all the blood within it. She was frightened; he could tell she was – without even looking down at her rabbit-like, pale blue, innocent eyes. He could feel it through her veins. It wouldn’t for much longer. It would be over soon, gone.
He led her, still on down that long, winding, dirty path, criss-crossing in and out between the long forgotten graves that still remained there after all the long years.

He could not measure the depth of the sadness he felt. It was as if he had taken on the sadness of everyone in the universe. It was a deep, dark abyss, bottomless and black. He thought only one more day to get through. After tomorrow, he would be gone but a life would continue.

Home World didn’t have the strength to rise and dress as he had always done. Now he spent his final day in bed… saving his physical energy to transfer his final energy.

Home World cried then, once last cry; not of remorse but of happiness, knowing that his prayers were answered, and that he could finally take the pain from his friends. He was able to let go, he was ready.

To be continued…