Farewell Letter

From the Story Arc: Finding a Host

Previous Story in the Arc: Awaiting the End by Home World (Wednesday, June 22, 2005)

(posted Wednesday, June 22, 2005)

Home World sat at his desk contemplating on what to say. For so long he wanted to tell Bella how he felt but could never get up the nerve. But now as his time on this planet drew to a close he figured now was as good as any.
Dear Bella,
I have been meaning to write this letter to you for a long time, but never got around to doing it.
You understand the truths of this world so well and you are such a pillar of strength. You bring new meaning to love and friendship and I've not seen anyone more committed to their friends more than you are.
You are so strong and powerful and yet so tender and fragile. You can move a mountain with your intention and yet you breakdown so easily for love. Your love is so pure, it's hard for most humans to match that and it's natural that you feel hurt when your love is not met with the same level of commitment. But, I want you to know that you're the innocent one. Do not blame yourself for the actions of others.
I wish I could be there to destroy your greatest fears about security in this world. I wish I could make all your dreams come true and give you the comfort of living the life you so greatly deserve.
I would like to bid farewell to you with the warmest of wishes. I wish you all good luck in all your endeavors and hope that we’ll meet again sometime in the journey of life.

Time to Say Farewell...
Thank you once again and until next time...
Your friend in time,

Home World

Putting the letter in an envelope, Home World walked out of his room bumping into Commissar Saviour.

“Oh I am sorry Commissar I did not see you”

“While normally she may have raised an eyebrow at anyone who did not watch where they were going she understood that Home World was not meant to be here much longer.

“It is ok comrade, how are you feeling today?”

“I am better, I can walk more and I should be fine for (clears his throat as it weld up) tomorrow”.

Red Saviour found it hard to respond as she looked at his eyes, they began to fill with tears as he found it hard not to cry. He wiped the corners of both eyes and smiled.

“Must have gotten some dust in there, ugh hate when that happens”.

“Da---me too” she replied looking a little dismayed. “Well I must be going; you take it easy---ok?”

“Yes” he watched as Red turned and walked away. “Wait!” he shouted to her she stopped and came back.

“I need you to do me a favor---if you don’t mind”.

She nodded “yes what is it”.

“Give this to Bella for me---please” he handed the envelope to Saviour as she looked down to the white paper and saw who it was addressed to.

“Wouldn’t you rather you just gave it to her yourself? I mean I would think she would like to know you did”.

“No I can’t---it would be too hard to see her now with all that is happening. I wouldn’t want to make her cry”.

“I understand”