Where to turn?

From the Story Arc: Patrolling Alone

(posted Thursday, June 23, 2005)

These events take place just prior to the “Phoenyx Rising” story arc:

Madame Molotov flew over the sea in Talos Island, the lights of the city’s night began to appear in the distance as the sun continued to fall. The cool ocean air caused Molotov to shiver a bit in her regulation uniform. It was good to have it back from the cleaners after that recent mission in Paragon’s sewers. Her original fallback uniform did not offer much protection to the elements. Molotov arrived to her destination- the Talos statue in the harbor. She landed at the top and sat down to think. Much had happened recently and Molotov just did not seem to have time to sort everything out.

Her patrols recently had been solitary and without anyone to assist her. Molotov had been arriving later and later to paragon after most of the cccp had completed their obligations. Molotov thought about quitting her university work. During the days she attended an American university in nearby Knight’s Bay. Paragon’s universities had been almost completely destroyed during the ritki invasion and had yet to be restored to full capacity. Molotov’s father had insisted she attend university classes in America. She was sent to America to attend one of the best schools in the “free” world. Things have changed so much since those first few months.

The months after his death, Molotov dedicated her time to find her father’s murderer. Someone in the 5th Column (now the dreaded Council) was responsible. Molotov scorched many Council bases but still felt so far from finding the answers she sought. Molotov’s finances were spread so thin now. No longer can she pay the high tuition for her original university. No longer does the nice apartment her father paid for belong to her. Now, Molotov attends class in a neighboring city. True, it is not exactly the school her father dreamed of, but at least she is taking classes- it is what he would have wanted. Now, Molotov lives in a small, rundown, sink-is-constantly-leaking apartment in Kings Row. True, it is no where near what her father wanted her to have, but at least it has a bed, a radio, a roof, and quick access to Independence Port.

In Independence Port, Molotov has been hopping the ferry to Striga Isle. Members of the CCCP have discovered that the island is a hotbed of Council activity. Molotov, was unfortunately away during the time, but fellow CCCP member Thea had been kidnapped and the search for her brought several members of the CCCP to the island. If the Council is here, then perhaps Molotov can eventually uncover some of the secrets to her father’s death. More an more she has found herself searching the swamps and forests of the island taking down members of the Council. She has heard rumors of an underground nest full of them but has yet to find it. Molotov thinks that perhaps she should ask someone in the CCCP for assistance.

But who to ask? The CCCP has changed so much recently. Molotov feels like she is only a recent recruit, but in many ways she is not. Molotov’s security ranking places her above several other members of the CCCP. That was something Molotov felt was probably a mistake, she did not feel like she had earned such a high ranking. There are so many new faces that she has trouble remembering everyone. And so many of them are just so young!!! Comrades Shen and Shuma—just children!! No, Molotov would not dare ask one of them to assist her. Molotov was not much older, but if something were to happen to them, she would never be able to forgive herself.

Maybe Comrade Murdock. John Murdock recently joined the group and had proved to be one of its most trusted members. His power and experience was a great asset to the team. Molotov had learned much from her time fighting side by side with him over the past couple of months. Surely he would help. Molotov keyed her communicator to ask Comrade Murdock if he was busy.

“Good evening Madame” he replied. “I am *cough, cough* getting ready to turn in for the evening. However, if you need my assistance I would be happy to help out.”

Molotov replied “Nyet, do not worry Comrade. It is not important, I can take care of it myself. I will catch you in a few weeks Comrade, take care” she said.

No sense in causing Comrade Murdock any undue stress. His health had not been the best recently, but he always dropped everything to help out when asked. No matter who you were or what official ranking, and he would be there. Nyet…he deserved to turn in early this evening.

Perhaps she could ask the Commissar for assistance. Nyet, that could not be the right thing to do. Molotov was fighting to prove herself a worthy member of the CCCP, it is in her blood to serve the motherland, to ask for help might be deemed a weakness. Nyet, Red Saviour had too much on her hands anyway. The very existence of the CCCP had been under attack recently. Plus, with paperwork and all the rest of her duties Molotov felt it was just not right to disturb her. Besides, Molotov had heard that Comrade Shuma had recently snapped off at the Commissar. If Molotov was going after the Council, she might lose control as well. It would be best not to involve her.

What of the other commissars and officials? Well, Comrade Zach was on assignment elsewhere. Comrade Communard was apparently locked up conducting further experiments on only he knows what. There were many valuable members of the team. Nyet… anyway, it was pointless anyway… the locator beacons and communicators were all turned off anyway.

Maybe a member of the coalition would be available. Perhaps Red Djinni. He was a great ally to the CCCP time and time again. Molotov could surely ask him for help. If she could put up with his constant pickup attempts long enough to get the job done. Red sure was able to see the humor in nearly every situation, which was a welcome change for Molotov after the past year she has had. Molotov sent out a call on the coalition channel… and waited. Nothing. Red’s communicator was also off. It was too late. Molotov would do this patrol alone again.

Molotov stood in the cool night sky and took off towards the ferry station. One quick patrol and she would return home. She had to work the next morning at her day job. She could not afford to be late anymore. Criminals might be conducting devious activities all the time, but molotov’s rent was due at the first of the month. The job did not pay especially well, but it paid enough to keep the place. Then she had a week and a half away back in Russia.

Perhaps when she returned to paragon in a few weeks she could ask comrade john Murdock for assistance. Molotov had grown quite fond of him. All her personal relationships in her life had ended badly. Her family was dead and most of the other people she had cherished as well. The CCCP was all the family she had left now. She did not expect to grow close to anyone in the group, but there was something about Comrade Murdock. He was reliable and ALWAYS willing to help her out… something she hated to admit, but enjoyed. The last thing she wanted was to have to rely on anyone, it seemed that everyone she counted on in life seemed to disappear at some point. But the CCCP was strong, they protected each other. Da, when she returned she would take Comrade Murdock and together they would search the island for some answers…