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(posted Thursday, June 23, 2005)

There was a silence in her soul and a barrier in her heart. The song of her siblings was gone, and the constant and ever-comforting Presence with it.

Somehow, she had hoped, despite all that she knew to the contrary, that there would be a little miracle, a tiny miracle for her. That when she had looked into the eyes of John Murdock, there would be a flicker, a spark of recognition.


She had been nothing to him.

She had fled, flying as high as she could, caught her breath on sobs of heart-tearing grief, and fallen from the sky and had not tried to save herself.

Which had taught her two things; falling from that height hurt, though not as much as the wound in her heart. And that it didn't kill a mortal body.

She had tried again, and fled again, this time on foot, blindly running. And again, And again. "Talk to him," Red Djinni had said. "You have a second chance to make him fall in love with you all over again. And she had tried, she had tried, but seeing---nothing but polite interest in his eyes had made her flee over and over again lest the tears choking her throat burst free in front of him.

Now she lay alone in the narrow bed of this little box, cold, sleepless, alternately weeping and lying staring at the ceiling, watching as the reflected lights from cars below crawled across its surface. And she heard another voice now, the one she knew she would hear---the Liar, the Tempter, telling her it would be so easy, just tell him all that he owed to her, and he would not hesitate. She would have him again. So easy. So simple.

Her head ached. Her eyes burned. And she wept and watched the light and shadow crawl across the ceiling until erased by the cold, unfriendly light of dawn.