A Brief History

From the Story Arc: First Winter

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(posted Thursday, June 23, 2005)

Soviet Winter picked up the microphone of the tape player and pressed record. Hmm, where should I begin? I guess the best place would be 1975 in what we are now calling Dimension 47. At that time I was 25 years old and head of the S.I.T.P. Project also know as Soviet Interdimensional Teleportation Project. While there I had found ways of opening portals to different dimensional worlds, small microscopic holes, but holes none the less. See the problem I had was containment. If I could not contain the portal it could rip the very fabric of the dimension apart.
Well under the threat of losing precious time to the American’s, who were also trying to bridge the dimensional gap, a rush was put on to open even bigger portals. So, in late December of ‘75 we decided to try to open a basketball size portal. It was a clear, cold morning about minus 15 degrees, if I remember correctly, and the sun did not break the cloud cover. We opened the portal but our containment field fell immediately and an explosion ripped the lab apart. I awoke about 7 miles from the spot of the explosion and I could feel the cold ice coursing through my veins.
On that fateful day I had actually phased through a different dimension. That phase not only shifted my physical being by 7 miles but had changed me at the subatomic level as well, for on that day Soviet Winter was born. I found that I now had the abilities to pull and manipulate snow and ice from some frozen dimension and use it in my dimension. My experiments where hence forth canceled and I was invited to join Red Force One.
The other members of Red Force One were; “Berlin Wall” a super strong worker of the people, “Red Guard” the communist super soldier and leader of our group, “Red Saviour” a cybernetic android, “Natasha Vinkoff,” KGB agent and weapons expert, and finally “The Soviet Speedster” a super fast human. We were organized to fight the western capitalist of Ameria-Team
and they were lead by the flag waving Allied Force.
But I think now would be a good point to side track and tell you, my comrades, about the state of America at that time and of the next few years that followed. At that time a Governor Jimmy Carter had begun to run for President, and in 1976, with a little help from the KGB, he was elected President. Now comrades, this is the very strange part because here is where my dimensions history took a major turn, and might I say for the better, well at least for a bit any ways. For you see a year before the 1980 election the KGB kind of nudged the Iranian hostage release and made it look like President Carter secured their release. That event helped to have him win reelection against Ronald Reagan. Then we were free to take care of Afghanistan very easily with a couple of tactical nuclear weapons. In 1984 Ronald Reagan won his first term as President but by then the Untied States were no longer a super power and all of western Europe was under the Motherland’s control.
Six months into President Reagan’s term the Cold War ended. I remember the joy I felt marching into New York City. President Reagan and many of the American super heroes went into exile on the Hawaiian Islands, which later became known as The Untied Islands of America, and that terrorist nation was a thorn the Soviet Union’s side up until I found myself here. That is the time period I have my fondest memories of. It was a time of true prosperity and good will toward men. Now we did have a few dissidents, such as the once powerful Allied Force and a few other American super heroes but it was just a minor thorn in the peoples side. After all it was the United Islands of American and Great Britain that were the only rouge states left.
During the years that followed I was just a simple crime fighter, as I am now, but I was also a celebrity and dated many young Hollywood actresses. Eventually my dimensional work was passed on to another comrade because of the decadent lifestyle I was leading. I did not really care either for I had much vodka to drink.
In 2003 things happened that were going to change in my life forever, Red Guard had uncovered a 5th Column plot. It had seemed that an old weapon of the Nazis was about to be uncovered in Antarctica, and the fools that we were we rushed in to stop it. We flew in fast and low as was our standard procedure, and landed about 5 miles from the base. Soviet Speedster did a quick re-con of the base. It was lightly guarded and all activity was centered around a main hanger in the middle of the base.
We made a quick assault of the outer perimeter and was offered little resistance. In fact many of the Nazis just threw down their guns and let us pass. Berlin Wall smashed the hangar doors in and that’s when we heard the evil laughter from within. We stood in amazement as from out of the shadow’s Hitler’s greatest weapon emerged from his long slumber. It was then we saw Uber-Mench!