A Report to Moscow

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(posted Sunday, July 18, 2004)

Message: 85818007
Encryption keyphrase: red brown black
Encryption key:  Radio Moscow 17Jul04 11:35

Fourth word key: topic presidential have
To:  Commissariat of Superhero Affairs, Moscow

Comrade Worker's-Champion:

As you instructed, I have infiltrated the American branch of the CCCP and its sister organization Red Brigade.  The ease of infiltration does confirm your fears about the lack of ideological screening in admitting new members.  Although I have been assigned to the late-night shift of city patrols, I have met several CCCP and Red Brigadiers.

The senior leadership of CCCP has largely been in hiding.  I believe they are brewing a plot of some kind, perhaps even connected to your worst fears that the influence of American society gives them a sense of independence and a desire to break away from the Mother Country.  Most of them never lived through the Great Patriotic War (much less the Revolution), so they have no concept
of the sacrifices made for them and for the Soviet Union.  Of the Central Committee members and Commissars I have only met Mojiotok.  I believe the central leadership may have assassinated Ununtriarch in secret, but continues the myth that there are three Committee members in order to have tighter control.

Many of CCCP at-large members have been kind enough to take me on tours of Paragon City and show the wretched and miserable state of its inhabitants.  Crime is on every streetcorner.  The police run from any conflict and spend most of their time in banal greetings of citizens "The time is 4:35".  Worst of all, heroes are barred from entering most buildings and spend most of their time in sewers and under overpasses -- they are truly the lowest class in the city. 

But in general I am satisfied with CCCP, especially now that a Purge is happening.  Please send more pamphlets on Lenin's childhood -- those were a big hit.

CCCP Assets ICBM, KV-85, Svarog, and Faberge Gulag are being used effectively.  I recommend screening their operators for ideological purity, and replacing the operators should it be necessary (in the latter case, reprogramming).         

The Red Brigade really has me worried.  This ragtag group has obviously never been through even the most primitive forms of indoctrination and instruction, at times showing counterrevolutionary and dangerous tendencies. 

I will comment on some specific comrades from this splinter group:
Official Blacklist, despite his family's socialist leanings comes from the upper-crust Bourgeois and I fear is no more communist than Marie Antoinette with her cake distributions.  Maybe he is originally Swedish.  Unlike most heroes, it is rumored he has a huge luxury apartment with a hot tub.  I will try to personally confirm these facts.  Official Kostyak is a former gang member and still looks like one -- I have accidently frozen him twice when I thought he was attacking us.   There are rumors he is a homosexual.  He may even be a criminal infiltrator, but no way to tell -- if only a real interrogation could be done.  Curse that Geneva Convention!

Lady Bestla is an anarchist and would not know Karl Marx from Groucho Marx.  I believe she is with Red Brigade only because she killed off everyone in her former hero-group and was sentenced to serve in America.  I am worried that a criminal organization will eventually recruit her.  General Kozyrev would seem to be a good communist, but I can find no record of his military service with the Red Army.  Or with any army.  Untermensch is a superb anti-fascist force,
but strangely my computer records on him have been erased.  Will have to change the encryption keys again.  Others in Red Brigade I have not so many notes upon yet -- I hope to observe them all in team setting.

Commissar Worker's Champion, I would worry not so much about non-Soviets as about non-communists!  Gato Rojo, for instance, will make fine communist once full indoctrination is complete, even though she is Spanish.  I must draw the line at non-humans, though -- I have met insectoid lifeform Cutterbug whom I think is just a cleverly-disguised scout for a mass invasion of Giant Locusts.  But perhaps I watch too much of the late-night television.

I will continue to monitor these champions and will try to remain vigilent about letting their counterrevolutionary and independent trends influence my thinking.  I recommend you send a political officer.  In Great Patriotic War, dual command between military and political officers ensured fighting spirit and correct thought of Red Army officers and enlisted men.

Report Out.

<encrypted message ends>