The Voice That Guides Me.

From the Story Arc: Awakening

(posted Sunday, June 26, 2005)

“Francis---Francis---it is time to awaken from your slumber”.

Francis sat up quickly with a gasp. He blinked in the dark, trying to form coherent thoughts through his grogginess. Goosebumps rose on his arms as a wave of understanding washed over him and his mind finally woke up completely. His muscles tensed as he threw his bed sheet off of himself and stepped into the darkness of her room. He knew he needed to respond. His eyes glazed over as if they were staring off into space. Clearing his mind, he directed his thoughts towards the voice.

“Who---whose there?”

“I am what was but shall be no more. I am all you were and can be. I was the light guiding you through the darkness, your guide along the path of the unknown. The disease which once infected your body I have absorbed and removed from you. Endowed you are now with hidden powers that you will discover through time. Use them to protect those who cannot protect themselves”.

Hidden power... he wondered not understanding what the words had meant How do I have hidden powers? Why do I have hidden powers...

“I ask only one thing of you in return, seek out Belladonna Aura and pass her this message. I have moved to the great beyond and have become one with the universe. Tell her something has happened----something wonderful”.

“Wait where do I find this Belladonna person?” Francis stopped for a moment trying to fixate his eyes to the darkness but there was only silence.

Time passes.

The moon shone down on the dark street as the young man took a stroll in lonely silence. The air was perfect. Not too cold, not too hot. The sky was black filled with stars, just the way he liked it. The sun, nowhere in sight.

Everything seemed so real a undeniable existence, tangible and evident. The voice seemed like a dream a creation of his mind, imaginary and untrue.

“Why is it my dreams seem so real? Why is it that reality can seem like a dream?”

“Perhaps you imagined it” a small child like voice spoke in his head.

“Of course the power to exceed reality, insensible, unreal, to go beyond surpass and transcend. Reality and dreams do not exist in separate worlds, but coexist within the depths of the human mind”.

“It must be the only place where every border of reality can be shattered. Only there can everything that has ever been confined to the mind break loose”. The child voice spoke o him yet again, appearing to have the answer to any question.

“If reality and dreams coincide within the mind, then the imagination must be where they take root. But even this revelation raises one final question…how?”

Wandering through the city Francis mind was a cloud of thoughts. Thoughts of his past and what he'd heard trying to figure out why someone thought he had hidden powers.

"So hidden I don't even know about them." he muttered as he walked on.

Hands in pocket, Francis made his way to the café at a slow comfortable pace. It’s been so long. He ordered a tall iced coffee with three shots. He’d need it.

He grabbed a seat by the window in the far corner from the door with the day’s newspaper in hand. “What’s been going on in the world without me?” he smirked to himself.

War. Hunger. Tsunami. Gangs. Alien conspiracies.

As he skimmed his eyes guiltily through the gossip column, the sound of sirens grew louder and louder. Cops? No. Two fire trucks flew down the street pass the café towards his part of town. Francis sighed miserably. Another person careless at what they were doing.

Grabbing a pen he tried filling out the crossword puzzle and word jumble, but kept finding himself writing the name Belladonna Aura. It had a nice ring to it, but who was this girl that he was told to deliver his message to, what was so important about her? More so where would he even start looking?

Folding the paper to a neat close he took one last sip from the big plastic cup and tossed it along with the paper. Trash. All the world has become trash. “Maybe I should have stayed home.”

To be continued…