Training Log: What Makes A Superhero?

(posted Tuesday, June 28, 2005)

>>6/27/05 23:00:00 HR

I usually don’t pay much attention to the bitter remarks and twisted comments that spring forth from the lips of the super-powered criminal subversives that plague the streets of Paragon City. But during the course of one battle with the Freakshow in Independence Port, a nameless Freak uttered a sentence that made me pause a second - before a whirling blur of crimson fists struck the floor with a resounding boom and hurled every Freakshow degenerate around me reeling.

The question was direct, even if it was loaded with malice.

“What makes you a superhero?”

I haven’t been asked that question before. And that surprised me.

I’ve been asked about the superpowers I have, the superheroes I know, and the super villains I have fought since I came to Paragon City last year. But never that question.

It’s an important question. And one I will attempt to answer as best I can.

It's something that could possibly be included for future training lesson subject to evaluation and ratification from Central Committee.

What is a Superhero?

In Paragon City:

In Paragon City all superheroes are licensed and identifiable by a Paragon City Hero Registration Card. And all superheroes in Paragon City operate under the auspices of the Citizen Crimefighting Act.

While the Act enables specifically sanctioned superhero vigilantism in protecting the citizens of Paragon City from super powered threats, it does not give a superhero the arbitrary right to act as judge, jury and/or executioner.

Nor does the Act give superheroes the right to employ torture, acts of terrorism or willingly disregard the safety of civilians in the pursuit of justice.

It is exceedingly important that all current and potential members of the CCCP understand the Citizen Crimefighting Act, and more importantly to abide by it. While you may chafe at the supposed deficiencies of the American Justice System, you must learn to operate within its constraints and boundaries.

Like it or not, this is America. And you are being watched. By the Press. By Civil Rights Advocacy groups. By US Intelligence Agencies. By sharp eyed lawyers like Chris Jenkins, and by American based superheroes that will leap on a chance to heap scorn and scandal on foreign superheroes operating in their homeland.

Negative commetary can be deflected and controlled to an extent, but continued discreditation of a CCCP superhero reflects badly on the CCCP itself and must be avoided.

The Superhero - A CCCP Perspective

A superhero is governed by special laws and regulations, and identified by their extraordinary powers and abilities.

But this does not define you as a superhero in the eyes of the CCCP.

It is how you conduct yourself that will determine whether or not you are worthy of calling yourself a superhero of the CCCP.

A CCCP superhero:

Shows respect (and where necessary deference) in public to fellow superheroes, law enforcement agents, and government officials.

Treats the citizenry as equals and will put the safety of the public before their own. CCCP superheroes will not intentionally endanger members of the public, and will try to limit destruction of property in residential zones.

Does not pursue corporate sponsorship, negotiate product endorsement deals, or deliberately seek celebrity status in the media or press.

Acknowledges successes, learns from defeats, and always contributes their very best to the benefit of any team they are part of - CCCP or not.

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>>Commentary additional

Have received request for assistance from superheroes in Independence Port struggling to contain Nemesis incursion. Am proceeding directly to site. Will continue this discussion later.

Comrade Hero out.