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(posted Friday, July 01, 2005)

Bella poked at the PDA with th tiny stylus. She missed being able to use her comm out here. At least Waitron had sent her a corrected list of "everybody and his dog" so all she had to do was cue that in and start "typing."

Everyone had been at the hospital. She had taken a taxi there straight from the airport. Her folks were a wreck. Her Gramma was worse. Grampa was hooked up to enough machines to make the CCCP comm room look like a ham radio station.

It was worse than they'd told her. A lot worse. Nothing she could do would help.... Not one damn thing.

So she left Grampa to the pros and concentrated on supporting those she could.

Perma-AM until everyone ran out of juice, basically. And listening. And being there. And providing the strong, unyeilding shoulder.

Maybe everything she'd done up to this moment had been training for this moment....

Now they were all dozing while she sent an update. The clock on the wall read five AM. There would be some early birds on the east coast that would read this as soon as she sent it.

Arrived safe. Grampa in ICU room 5b. Not good. No flowers. Want to help, call TakeOut Taxi and throw flower money onto our tab.

Hospital food sucked. TakeOut Taxi, which basically brought in food from all the major francises and some local places, was a godsend. She had a tab there now, prepaid with all the cash she'd brought with her.

Now you know what I know, which is to say, not too damn much

How was it that with all the superheroes, all their powers, you couldn't undo brain damage? She could knit up flesh within seconds, but that dark place in Grandpa's head---

Flame---the uplink still works for you dear. Ask for mercy.

The mercy of recovery or the mercy of death....

She closed her eyes for a moment and caught herself nodding off. She jerked awake, and hit "send" so the thing would at least go off before she passed out.

The last thought in her mind as she put her head down on the back of the chair was to wonder who would unquestioningly believe she was here, and not hiding.