Letter to MOJIOTOK senior

From the Story Arc: Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

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(posted Monday, July 19, 2004)


For first time since being sent to America, I have great worry for CCCP and new Red Brigade. Workers Champion, who is like second father to me, has decided that no non Russian members should be in team. This is stupid idea. There are many communist heroes that are not Russian, yet conform to communist ideals. People's Blade, Collective Fist, Gato Rojo, Ursa Minor...even Blacklist. Background does not matter, is current thinking and ideals that matter. These heroes have been screened by Red Saviour and myself and while not all are strict communist, all have come to view Communism as logical next step for economic fairness.

I am hurt and annoyed that Workers Champion has so little trust for American Commissars. Well, Red Saviour is often head strong and does not always make best decision, and Ununtriarch is always withdrawn and does not care for his administrative duty. Always it falls to Mojiotok to make desision and direct CCCP. But I am well known to Workers Champion! He was always at training camp, teaching me skills in fighting and lessons in communist theory. Why does he not understand that America is different world and must be handled differently? One can not demand obedience from these heroes with iron fist like in Russia. How can he be made to understand?

Reminds me of last disagreement we had while I was still in training. He wanted me discontinue practicing jump kick, but I disagree and told him I would continue. He actually broke my arm is five places. Looking back now, I remember look in his eye and laughing when I ran away from him at top speed, I think he enjoy hurting me. No one else has ever done that before. He is powerful hero and I think likes to hurt people. Is this a good leader? Perhaps other Russian Commissars should have talk about this.

Is sometimes difficult to live in this country and not let it affect you. Heroes here are treated as rock and rolling stars. I have a private suit in CCCP headquarters with hot tub and big screen television set. American females like to say they have soaked on my hot tub and claim to have done others things that are not always true. Red Saviour dates movie star on regular basis and does interviews for decedent American pin up magazines. I can understand Workers Champion worry to some degree. But I have asked for hot tub to be removed and tv to donate to American Heart Association. We must gird ourselves against coming purge. Plus, I want no more of decedent American models. They are vapid and skinny.

I do this not only for image to Workers Champion though. I have been haunted by dreams of Red Brigadier hero. Is embarrassing to talk about, but can not get her off mind. Comrades here in America say she is feral and insane and I should have head examined for even considering it. I remind them I am invincible, but they laugh and say she will eat me up alive. I'm not sure what this means, but Comrade Petrograd is especially emphatic. Perhaps it is the danger that draws me. Is very stimulating to ponder.

Father, I must go now to patrol. I am hoping you write back soon,