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(posted Wednesday, July 21, 2004)

Dear diary

Yesterday I was fighting the Lost in the sewers with Blacklist and some other members of weird brigade. I always feel bad hunting the lost. Some of them are twisted and evil, but during a fight i crossed eyes with one of the headman, his companions were already dead (I don't buy the crap we're arresting them that paragon police give us, i'm pretty sure i'm killing them). He had this Tv on the head like the helmet, but I was surprised to see that beyond the broken screen, he was silently crying while I was finishing of. It was a big deformed monster, but I felt sorry for him.

Anyway, we were in the sewers and I was leading the other a fight after another, almost pushing forward at a risky pace, i don't even know way. Maybe I was still angry for the big letdown of our Taskforce, I don't know. Anyway, I talked a bit of Red Menace with Blacklist, and even while I was fighting I coudn't get the thought of Viktor out of my head.

I know Red Menace since I was 5, and he was... oh well, 290 I think. Even if he wasn't one of the instructors of the pack, he was given the permission to enter the facilites and even pass some time with us during the festivities. We children called him Spooky, or also Scary Menace. I coudn't really tell what was the relationship between him and WC, but I think that they were friends.

I remember one time, it was chirstmas eve. I had this yellow ribbon in my hairs and was really proud of it, and decided to use it since we were told Spooky was coming. I was 9, I think. It was a great eve, we singed many funny song and even WC, who was always very bossy and grim, singed a song or two (One was Wish you were here, I think). Spooky also came up with a wonderful game, he would toss you in the air, very high, like 15 meters, and then "Come to join pary little Bestla!" teleport you in his arms. It is one of my fondest memories of that time. Too bad one time when launching the Mastermind (a child with psychic abilities) he missed the teleport and poor Mindy (we called him that way, becouse he was very sissy, even if he was already 12 I could easly pick on him) crashed on the ground. This happend after he drinked quite a bit with WC and even challenged him in arm wrestling (and was very close match, but eventually he lost, WC is really uber in that game).