A worst Fate

From the Story Arc: Finding the way home

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(posted Tuesday, July 12, 2005)

“Show yourself, vile creature!” Xavier bellowed.

“Your presence is known, and your ambush has failed! Stand forward!”

A piercing shriek came from the treetops, and the large demon with skeletal features leaped down upon him. Narrowly deflecting the creature with his arms, Xavier was nevertheless toppled. The massive demon would surely have crushed his leg, had his razor-sharp reflexes not kicked in. He immediately scrambled into a defensive stance. The demon had barely recovered, and was stumbling to its feet. It was a putrid creature, being nothing more than bones and muscles. Its internal organs showed through the thin flesh of its torso, barely holding the heart in place. In spite of the seemingly fragile body, it seemed to be extremely quick and powerful. It was covered in barbs and spikes, and an insatiable bloodlust gleamed in its eyes.

With an almost deafening screech, the abomination charged at Xavier. The Behemoth was un-relenting; it swiped and stabbed at Xavier offering no mercy or remorse. Upon grabbing Xavier he clenched at his arms with his mouth filled with jagged black teeth. Providing no protection from the beast, the large fangs pierced the armor and injected themselves into the flesh.

Xavier fell to his knees, clutching his arm in agony. He expected the fiend to take his head off, but as he looked up, the beast only smiled with what little lips it had left. The pain was incredible, intensifying with every heartbeat. He could sense the fetid rash spreading with unerring pace, soon engulfing part of his chest and neck.

“What have you done to me?!” snarled Xavier. The tones of his voice were fluctuating between that of a small faerie and that of an oversized bear. In a last attempt to ward off his demon attacker he stabbed at the chest of the demon with his hand crushing its exposed organs.

The Creature fell back grasping at his chest, a sickly rash distorting the massive demon into a decomposing parody of itself. Inside the boiling mass of tissue, Xavier could hear its bones break and snap as they took on new forms. Even though its organs were practically liquefied, it was still very much alive, as its mutating form burst the shell that contained it. Spikes sprang from its back, and mighty talons grew from its fingertips. It was soon a towering figure of more than fifteen feet high, still in agony as the last of his former self was expelled from its consciousness. Finally, it lost control of its new body, as the specters of fallen hell spawn took residence in it. The instinct of butchery that the demon had relished in before had now become his sole purpose of existence. Massacre was embedded deep within the bloodshot eyes.

Both the fear and the accompanying pain soon overcame his entire body, He could feel his mind slipping, as it gave way to demon spirits and thoughts. Immediately he saw the new, towering fiend, and his heart was filled with terror. Visions of bodies were strewn across the ground, decapitated and dismembered. Some attempted to flee, but were cut down by the colossal brute. All the while, the soul of Xavier was left screaming in torment in the deepest recesses of the ravager’s mind.

“Xavier you failed to bring us the Seraphim as you promised”. The large creature leaned in towards Xavier. Its molten breath was fowl and unbearable. Smoke poured from every pore, acid seeped from its teeth dripping on the ground burning it on contact. He grabbed Xavier by the neck picking him up several feet off the ground as if he were a child’s play toy.

Xavier tried to speak but the grasp was too tight and he failed to muster a word. Grasping at the arm of the towering beast Xavier tried to push away, but to his dismay the demon firmed his grip. Releasing his grasp it slammed Xavier into the ground, and placed his large talon foot onto his chest in attempt to squash him like a bug.

“You had her in your grasp---tell me why did you fail?”

Barley able to breath from the pressure on his lungs he was able to mutter a response.

“She was not alone and---“

“Excuses!” cried the Demon in a deafening tone. Kicking Xavier across the cold hard ground he landed in a patch of razor sharp thorns. While his armor broke most of the barbs the skin on his face showed evidence of the contrary. Screaming in pain he tried pulling the vines that wrapped around his neck.

“Wait—“with his remaining strength Xavier held his hand up asking it to stop. “Give me another chance. Let me get her alone with no one to guard her, no protection. I swear I can do this”.

“Your promises mean little to me small one”.

Tearing him from the thorns, pieces of flesh remained embedded on to the sharp tips. Throwing him once again Xavier landed in a thick pool of mud, tar and unmentionable filth. Grasping at the tall grass, he strained to pull himself out. Coughing and wheezing his body forced up the filth he had swallowed. The smell from the bog was almost un-breathable as he gasped for air. Flies covered his head and began biting at his torn flesh, what little strength he had left was not enough to swat them away.

Xavier’s body was almost limp as the demon grabbed the front of his chest plate and pulled him to mouth level. The beast’s giant tongue poured out over its dark teeth his mouth swimming in the acid saliva.

The Demon spoke with an almost snake like voice “perhapssss a ssssnack, isss in order”.

“You will have one final chance to bring the Seraphim here. If you shall fail me I will turn you into a mortal, and you will spend the rest of eternity rotting in the cease pool that you just came from”.

Xavier suddenly found himself upon the roof top of a skyscraper in Steel Canyon. His armor untouched his face in tact, only the fowl taste of the filth he swam in filled his stomach. Hunched over in pain he vomited the darkened sludge from his stomach. Coughing for several minutes he wiped away the remaining dark green mold from his mouth.

A whisper in his head revealed and awful truth that he knew to well.

“You will need to feed and not by food but by that of man flesh, your curse, your life if you do not bring me the Seraphim. You need to gorge, you will feel it pulling at your innards, it will engulf your senses, and you cannot escape what you have become. Don’t feed and you will feel a pain worst then hunger as your body begins to wither and rot”.

The message was clear, but went against everything he had stood for. To kill the ones created by God himself, or to suffer a fate worst then hell. Grabbing the sides of his head he balled up on the top of the building trying to escape reality.

To be continued…