Escape Velocity

From the Story Arc: Who Cares For The Healer?

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(posted Tuesday, July 12, 2005)

Three weeks had passed, and Shyft sat in front of a set of complex blueprints, pondering what she was really looking at. This was more than a dream come true, but yet it was still so far out of her reach. The CCCP didn’t have the financial resources to build her ship, and she wasn’t about to turn it over to any government agency.

She yawned, rose from the drafting table, and poured herself another mug of coffee. Waltron had done an excellent job of organizing the junkyard that Petrograd’s laboratory had been. Shyft had sprung for a wall organizer unit with dozens of bins, as well as large rubber containers to keep bigger gear in. The lab was no longer a mess, although many of the bins were still overflowing with parts.

Rubbing her temples, she sat back down. Having Project Starshine back in her hands was a good thing, but it was frustrating as well. She was only footsteps away from getting to the stars, but those steps were

She turned and looked the gift Bella had given her; a collection of autographed photos of the fathers of modern physics. She smiled. Scientists like her. People she admired and understood.
Enrico Fermi,
A physicist with dreams of grander universe. His greatest work led to the deadliest weapon ever used.
Robert Oppenheimer. Father of the atomic bomb and an opponent of the weapon he created.
Albert Einstein
Time had made him the man of the century. It was hard to even imagine anyone who had done more to advance physics and science.

The last struck her. The others were signed, but this was addressed to her. : "To Cerenje, with gratitude, for bringing the joy back to my Bella" It was signed Robert Jonathan Parker.

The name was familiar to her, but the face meant nothing. Where did she know it from? She paused momentarily, then the lights came on in her head. She flipped open the folder that held the overview thesis for Project Starshine and turned to the “works cited” page.

Parker, Robert J. "Quantum Probabilities and Organized Chaos Within a Static Uncharged Field" American Physics Journal Vol. 17, No. 3, Autumn, 1978, pp. 127-156.

Her jaw dropped. Bella had mentioned her grandfather was a scientist. Was it possible he was the same man? His essay had proven to be the basis for her stasis field project, which in turn was the cornerstone the entirety of her work on gravity fields and manipulation. His concept that a tuned field could act to attract gluons and create an impermeable field for different wavelengths and particles of energy was what gave her the idea for the null belt and ultimately the harmonic field generator that was the core of what built her artificial black hole.

She rubbed her temples. What were the chances? How was this all possible? The sheer magnitude of the randomness of events all interconnecting were beyond staggering.


Before she disconnected from the “infinite” or whatever the higher power she was tapped into….she had known…something.

You are a strong willed woman. I know you reject what I am, and I do not fault you for it. In your own way, in your own time, you will touch the face of the Infinite and understand.

It was one of the very first things she had said to Shyft. Until now, it meant nothing. She looked back down at the pictures.

“To Robert: Sometimes there is no choice but to leap into the dark and trust that the equations will catch you."

"I am created Shiva, the destroyer of worlds."

"To Robert: God does not play at dice with the universe, but sometimes Man does."

The quotes from Fermi, Oppenheimer and Einstein all stood out at her. Men of science and ethics. Men who believed in themselves and yet still believed in the beyond that was the Infinite. Einstein’s words held longest in her mind. She looked at the wall of parts.

She didn’t need a ship.. She just needed a suit. Armor, air, water and a way to confirm calculations. That’s all a ship was. She lifted a Sky Raider flight helmet from the shelf. She didn’t need an engine. She was a controllable singularity.

She would leap and trust. Roll the dice and touch the face of God.