Speachless (2nd part)

From the Story Arc: Bestla's Diary

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(posted Wednesday, July 21, 2004)

Anyway, we were fighting in the sewers. Suddenly, in the middle of a very big melee, everything around me warped, like if I was passing out. I thought it was an Aberrant Rector attack, but it was much longer then the usual effect.
Suddenly I was child again.

It was the same christmas eve.

The others were soundly asleep, but I coudn’t wait to see what Santa had chosen for my present (In my first letter I asked for a Lego constructions set, but then I decided I would prefer a pony or a landmine, so I wrote him a second time). So I went out of bed and slipped in the common room. Surprisingly, the fireplace was still lighted and there was a big man on the armchair in front of it. I was pretty scared since WC told us that if Santa is aware that you’re spying on him, he whips out his H&K Ag47 and pump you full of holes. Given the fact I didn’t even my flak jacket on (It was pink with a little white paw printed on the chest, I was very fond of it), I was very very scared. But since I really wanted to see my pony and brush it before the others could come (I always wake up late in the morning) I made tiny little steps forward.

But then... there was a man sitting on the other armchair next to Santa. And it was Spooky. I realized that the other wasn’t Santa at all, it was WC. Only Spooky was talking, and his voice sounded very.. strange, the gentle manners he had with us children were gone. He sounded bitter, and almost irritated with WC.

“You’re telling me you didn’t even take some kind of precautions in order to avoid that? What were you thinking?! Don’t you know that Moscow Torch has a special suite to protect him and he is half cyborg , not a child. Were you just thinking that the flames woudn’t have done anything at all, just keep her warm?”

There was a long pause. I almost felt like I coudn’t move, I was rooted to the ground.

“It is an inborn mutation, we cannot force her just to stop. It’s like expecting you to stop breathing. We did a great job training her, if we didn’t she would probably already scorched herself to death. It’s a different matter all togheter... you seem to miss the point entirely, Viktor. Those fires doesn’t come from a  flamethrower, napalm or other chemicals. They come from inside her. She’s burning her lifeforce after every ignition, and we can’t do nothing about that.”

“PAH! Don’t give me this nonsense! You encouraged her to develop her abilities to obtain better results than with Moscow Torch. I heard you talking with the council, boasting your succes with her.”

He stood up, his hood resting on the shoulders, his eyes were glaring in the darkness, much brighter than the fire behind him.

“Didn’t you scheduled her to be able to ignite the ground around her by the time she is twenty?”

WC was staring at the fireplace, one of his finger nervously tapping on his knee.

“....We need much more data, my old friend. Her experience could mean a leap of ten years in plasma wielding research.”

“So you did it, you filthy bastard! You... Aargh!”


And suddenly he leaped towards WC, like a raging demon.


Darkness was flowing from his body, envelopping everything, extinguishing the fire, almost tearing my soul out of my body. He was like a void, an hail of blows surging from a blackhole. WC was hurled against the wall, unscratched, but stunned from the sudden attack. In a glimpse I saw Viktor  staring at me, he didn’t move, just streched his hand to me. I didn’t know what to do, I was confused, almost driven crazy for the fear, paralyzed.

“Forget it!” Barked WC, launching himself towards him. But it was too late. Menace folded himself in the darkness and disappeared, only his eyes glared for a second more, staring at me.


Suddenly I was aware of my surroundings again: Iron Curtain, Untermensch and Communard were defeated, and Blacklist was in great danger. I rushed to his side, but I was... suddenly... afraid to fight... afraid to ignite and explode like a supernova. We somehow escaped, but I came up with an excuse and left the team. I wasn’t sure of that memory, it could be a vision and nothing more; but when I arrived at my place at Perez I started crying and coudn’t stop.

Dear diary.. am I a star?

Will I burn out my life, like a star?