Part 4

From the Story Arc: Legacy of a Fallen Hero

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(posted Friday, July 15, 2005)

He pulled himself free of the rubble. Activating the Biorejuvination coil, he felt cuts bind, sore and tight spots loosen. Where the hell was he? The glowing device the oddly dressed guards were protecting had exploded when he shot it, but they had been in a clearing in the woods. This looked like it had been a cave complex before it collapsed. Perhaps the device had been a tele-transport device like his belt.

As he freed himself, the twisted body of one of the soldiers that had been caught by the cave in disappeared. A small white robot with red and blue lights swept the area. It’s scanning ray caught October Star and turned to him. A recorded voice spoke. Was that …English? He paused and the robot repeated the question. Not knowing what to do, October Star paused, trying to lull the robot into a false sense of security. He tapped the controls of his tele-location transporter, and only heard a faint buzz. Blin! The device was damaged in the cave in. Luckily he still had feet.

He had been a track star in his school days. His physique and athletic conditioning had been one of the primary reasons he had been selected for the program. He burst out of the remains of the cave, and found himself hurdling boulders as he ran down the side of a very rocky hill. Where was this place? It looked entirely unfamiliar. Then he saw it.

Concrete walls 10 stories tall, capped with glowing energy screens that reached out of sight. “Bozshe moi!” This was nowhere in the Ukraine. Probably not anywhere in Soviet Union. Was he in the United States? Only Americans would have something so gaudy and grandiose.

He climbed the next hill and tried to get the lay of the land. At least his internal compass still worked. There was a huge chasm to the Northwest. It looked like an earthquake had struck the city here. He could see further civilization to the North. Perhaps he would start there…