My Father's Son: Part Two

From the Story Arc: Trench Warfare

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(posted Friday, July 22, 2005)



“Who are you?”

“I am Agn Stratonik.”

“You did not answer the question. Who are you?”

“I am Agn Stratonik. Who else would I be?”

“A liar.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re a filthy liar. Everything about you is merely a shroud to fool everyone around you.”

“You have a lot of nerve saying something like that to me and not knowing who it is I am.”

“Oh, but I do know you, Agn Stratonik. I know everything about you. From the moment you left the womb, I’ve been inside you…watching your every move. I know everything there is to know about you. There are no secrets between us.”

“Who are you?”

“A friend.”

“A friend would not say such things.”

“Real friends stab their friends in the front. I’m trying to wake you up to reality…I want you to see…”

“See what?”

“That you’re nothing, but a murderer.”

“I am no murderer.”

“Oh, but you deny what is inside you. Blood may wash clean on the surface, but inside, it stains forever.”

“I am no murderer…”

“So you justify the lives you take?”

“It was for the Revolution! It was for change and the way of the Socialist.”

“It was for revenge.”

“A good Socialist is greater than such things.”

“You lie and you believe the lies you create. You have not even accomplished your mission.”

“My mission?”

“The reason you were sent to Paragon.”

“I came to Paragon of my own free will.”

“Again, you lie. You have a job to do.”

“Da, to save the peoples of Paragon, to…”

“Quiet! Your lies taint my hearing. Have you forgotten?”

“What is it that I should be remembering, if you know so much?”

“That you came to Paragon for the sole purpose of taking another life.”

“Another life? I left that way of life some time ago.”

“No, you didn’t. You just simply forgot your mission. Something inside us made you forget. My job is to help you remember that task.”

“Us? You speak as if I am more than one person on the inside.”

“Oh, but you are, Agn Stratonik. You forget the power of your father. The man was a genius. Inside you he planted his genius.”

“His blood is my blood, but that does not make me a genius.”

“Again, you do not understand. Your father placed a gene inside your DNA strand…the code for the M.A.T.A.H.U.R.I.A. serum. Not only does the code to create this serum exist in that gene, but all of your father’s works and genius. His goal was to implant himself into you so that his work could continue on through you even after he was long gone. Why do you think you are such an exceptional scientist?”

“I do not understand…for something such as this, why did you not reveal it to me sooner? Your words are like fodder to me. They seem so fake and scripted at a time such as this.”

“Ah, but the time is ripe for you to know the truth, for agents come to take you and the code for the serum, especially those that sent you here. You know all of this to be true. How do you think you grew so tall, or you are capable of minor telepathy, or that the loss of your eye has enhanced your vision, allowing you to blow the back off an enemy’s head from over a mile away? It is the gene.”

“How…how do you know so much?”

“It is because I am your father, Agn.”

“My…my…mmmyyy father?! He died over ten years ago…”

“That he did, but inside the gene he placed himself…he placed me inside of you, to be a constant voice guiding you and being with you for all your life. I am the voice of your father…so in essence, I am your father.”

“I feel myself crying…why did I have to suffer like I did in life? Both of my parents were taken away from me…so many people served as barricades to halt my progress in life…I had no choice by to thin the ranks of my enemies…I am a murder…no better than the villains I put in jail each day…”

“All will be made well in time…but first, we must talk about your mission…”

“What is my mission…father?”

“You must kill Natalya Shostakovich…you must kill the Red Saviour.”