Tears of Rage

From the Story Arc: The Night the Light Went Out in Striga

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(posted Sunday, July 24, 2005)

Molotov awoke with a start. She had apparently dozed off for a few minutes. How long had she slept?? There was no way to be certain, the cell Molotov was in was devoid of any windows and since the insects in the cell were seemingly active all day Molotov had no way to judge or make a guess as to the time… just how many days had she been here? It had been several hours since Molotov had last received a “visit” from Archon Vilnius. He had been to see Molotov four separate times since she arrived. Molotov was really beginning to despise seeing his face. However, Molotov was determined to not fall asleep while in the Council’s cell, she never knew when an opportunity might present itself for her to attempt an escape.

Molotov just began to think back on her training and what she needed to do in order to get out of this place when the door to the cell opened. In walked Vilnius yet again. Molotov could feel the heat beginning to rise inside. If only I could torch this one man…. Then never to see his face again, Molotov thought.

“Madame, I do hope you are comfortable,” Vilnius said. “Perhaps you should get some rest. We shall continue our discussion of your father after your rest.”

“Damn you,” Molotov said sternly. “I have warned you before. Do not mention my father again.”

Molotov was growing weary of this conversation. This man….this sworn enemy of her father, of her people, of the Motherland… had accused her father of treason. Her father was a former hero of the Soviet Union and one of the first men to work alongside so many of the Motherland’s superheroes in his role with the Supreme Soviets. The Supreme Soviets (like the CCCP) was one of many Soviet groups that operated for the Motherland during the height of what the Americanskis called the “Cold War.”

“Child, again we go over this. Your father was only doing what was needed to be done. Your country is lost and but a shell of its former self. Your father recognized that the only way to save his homeland was to take it back himself.”

Molotov closed her eyes. Lies!! How can this man be silenced? It seemed like only yesterday that Molotov had stood beside Comrades Chug and People’s Blade as they took on Nemesis of the Malta group. She would much rather be getting knocked down by him then to listen to this man speak anymore. She could not bring herself to trust anything this Vilnius was saying.

“Your father was one of the first in the Soviet military to volunteer for the Super Soldier program. The experiments on your father were deemed failures at the time. However, now we know that your father’s powers were merely dormant and he passed them on to you.”

“Enough!!” Molotov said. “I tire of this. My father did not have any such tests on him. He was normal human being. My powers come from my mother’s family. My uncle was great hero Molotov who died before I was born.”

“Yes child… your uncle had powers of flame, as you do,” Vilnius continued. “But inside you is so much more. Your uncle was also involved in the same part of the Super Soldier program with your father. He did not get his powers at birth. There was an experiment which gave your uncle the gift of fire. Your father was there as well. But the experiment went wrong and the building burned to the ground. The entire lab was destroyed along with the details on how to replicate the results. Your Soviet Union was never able to figure out how they did it. Somewhere inside is the key to unlocking the source of your power.”

This was impossible. Molotov’s father was a military man and he held many secrets. But this was far beyond anything Molotov could ever imagine.

“Imagine, if we discover the key to this, the Council would become nearly unstoppable!!” Vilnius raised his fist in the air as he said this.

Molotov managed a weak laugh. “Have you not heard saying… The Council should not be playing with matches. You shall end up burning yourselves to ashes. Let me free and I will give you taste of it now.”

Vilnius laughed. “Child, child, child. Your threats mean very little to us. Your father tried to keep you from us. However, the Council always gets what we want. Your father wanted to return his beloved Communism to his homeland and came to us to help him overthrow the Russian government. We agreed but only after he gave us you first. Your father, such a fool. He was close to giving you to us before he had a change of heart. He sent you to America and to the worthless CCCP for your protection. And all that talk of how his Motherland meant more to him than anything. Well your father was wrong and made his last mistake, we have you now.”

Molotov was speechless again. There was no way this could be true. Oh how she wished her father was alive. Her father would not stand for this. Her father was a hero of the Soviet Union. He would never sell out and turn to the Council. Never.

“Madame, you can make this whole thing much easier if you just cooperate with us. Your father failed to protect you. Your father was full of lies and deceit. We have been nothing but truthful to you. You must see that you have no other option. Your CCCP is not coming for you or they would have been here already. You are alone. You will give us what we want. We are moving you now to our laboratory facility to begin testing soon.”

“Never,” Molotov said. “You LIE!! I will never believe these words you say. My father was good hero! The CCCP will come, I know it!! I would rather fight you to the…”

“Death?” Vilnius interrupted. “Child, please. You are the last of your family. If you die, the secret dies with you. Your father became a nuisance and tried to back out of his agreement. I would hate to have you killed like I did your father. All these years of planning would have been wasted.”

Molotov was stunned. She did not even hear what Vilnius had said last. All that she heard was that this was the man who had ordered the death of her father…not Vandal, or Requiem…this man, right here in front of her. This is the one person she has been looking for all this time. The fury and the anger began to swirl in her mind. If only she could use her powers! Molotov could feel herself burning with rage.

Molotov lunged forward with her arms outstretched. If only she could get her hands around his neck. But her chains pulled tight and Molotov was jerked back. Vilnius was out of reach by mere inches. Molotov seethed with hate.

“I WILL KILL YOU” she screamed.

Vilnius laughed. “Child… you have much more fight in you then your father. Your father cried like an infant and tried to run for his life before his death.”

Molotov heard this and could not take it anymore. Her father WAS a hero. Damn him! Molotov felt as if she was going to explode. The fury rose up inside her and could not be contained. Tears streamed from Molotov's eyes. Suddenly Molotov burst into flames from head to toe. Vilnius fell back, his uniform ablaze. Madame Molotov had never been engulfed in flames such as these before. As suddenly as they appeared, the flames ceased. How was this possible?

Vilnius cried out and his entire body was covered in fire. Two Council guards suddenly sprang into the room. One of them had an extinguisher and quickly put out the flames on Vilnius.

“Put her down,” Vilnius whispered. “Quickly. Then get a medical officer for me now.” Smoke was rising of Vilnius as the guard attempted to pull him to his feet.

The second guard approached Molotov. Molotov attempted to repeat the blaze that just occurred but nothing happened. Her powers did not seem to be working again. The guard lifted his rifle and the last thing Molotov saw was the butt of the rifle come down on top of her before the world went black again…