Part 4: Turn for the Worse

From the Story Arc: A Sistah's Burden

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(posted Sunday, July 24, 2005)

Aura stepped out of the hot shower, her skin tingling slightly in the cool air. She grabbed the fluffy towel off the hook on the wall and vigorously began to rub her short, tightly curled hair dry. She looked into the mirror and sighed at the weariness in her eyes. It was ten in the morning, late for her, but she just hadn’t seemed to be able to drag herself out of bed this morning. She hadn’t stayed up so late, not really, well, she had to admit later than she normally would maybe.

It had been such a relaxing night, the wine, the man she loved, nothing but just them together. No missions, no battle. Like a normal couple would. Aura shook her head, and started getting dressed. Nothing had even been normal for her. Years of physical training and lessons. There had never been time to really worry about things like romance or anything that would have been considered a distraction. Then why now that she had these things did she wake up feeling like a school bus had run her over and left her for dead.

OK, there was the call from Kevin Cordell, but how could she refuse. Sky Raiders had set up camp in a warehouse in the Row. How she let then bastards get a hold in on her hood? Yeah it had been late when she had gotten home. She had been nearly ready for bed when the call came in. But it had been a small group he said, so she didn’t call in for back up. No need, she handled it even though it turned out to be a bit more than she bargained for. Aura wasn’t ashamed to admit there were a few time Gaia’s Solder wished her battle partner had been there by her side against these fools. She quickly dressed, then grabbed the bag of bath stuff and the towel, heading out of the communal bath and down the hall to her small apartment.

After locking the door securely, Aura threw down her harm load and headed to the kitchenette to fill the teapot. A good breakfast and a warm cup of tea was exactly what she needed to be herself again. Starting to fill the black ceramic teapot in the tiny sink, Aura felt a surge of nausea hit her. She leaned her elbows against the side of the sink and breathed deep and slow till it passed. She hoped she wasn’t coming down with the flu or something. She really didn’t have time for that now.

As she carried the full pot to the stove, her head spun violently. She quickly grabbed the edge of the stove with her free hand to keep upright. “Dammit!” She grimaced. “Not now.” The teapot fell with a loud crash and shattered across the hard floor as a stabbing pain to her abdomen caught her off guard. As the pain faded she walked forward to bend down to pick up the broken pieces when another stab send her to her knees.

Fear shot though her. She could take the pain of battle. There was always an obvious reason for it. Pain like this, from the inside, made her feel weak and helpless. She didn’t know what was causing it or how to stop it. Aura leaned back against the stove and felt the pain again fade as it did before. She looked to the windowsill across the room by the TV. There lay her comm unit. If she could just get to it.

Holding her stomach Aura began to move across the room, one hand touched to wall to balance herself. It was slow going even though the studio apartment was small. Several times she had to stop, the pain to bad to keep moving, but finally she reached the window.

Taking the comm unit from its spot she slid down the wall to sit on the floor, her knees pulled tight to her. She pushed the button, her voice shaky and wavering. “Hello?” She waited, no answer. “Anyone hear me?” Nothing. She leaned her head back against the wall to breathe through another wave. “C’mon ya’ll respond.” Her fear was returned along with the helpless feeling she hated. “Please, dammit, respond! I’m really in trouble here guys.” She was certain the pain was clear in her voice but the only answer was static.

Aura tossed aside the comm. and put her head in her hand. She knew the thing didn’t work all the time. She knew she should have taken it in to get checked weeks ago. And now… Now she’d have to deal with this alone. Glancing over at the cell phone next to her bed she realized there was not way she’d be able to get up again to reach it. Best thing for her to do was sit here and wait for this to pass. Her boosted metabolism would fix this like it did everything right? She just had to wait it out, to be strong. She cried out as the next pain hit her gut like a sword.

She crawled to the chair and tried to pull herself up, the pain blinding her. She had to get to the phone. The pain burrowed down in her like an old rusty drill, ripping, tearing. She screamed and her world spun out of control. Aura never hit the floor, the teleporter devise whisked her away in an instant. She never heard the deep man’s voice come out from the comm unit. “Aura, baby? You there? You okay?”