Part 5: A Brothah’s Worry

From the Story Arc: A Sistah's Burden

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(posted Monday, July 25, 2005)

The cheap wooden door came free of his hinges, all three locks ripping from the frame along with it. Heavy Brother’s eyes burned with rage, twinged with fear as he charged in the room, trampling the defeated door beneath his heavy boots. “Aura!” He scanned the room hurriedly. No one had heard from her since the comm. message. No one had seen her. To hell with what it took, he was gonna find her. Find her and whoever had hurt her and stomp a mudhole in his ass.

A bit of black ceramic crunched under his boot, laying in a puddle of water. It was a small enough place that it was obvious she wasn’t here, but seeing the mess near the sink and the over turned chair, his fear increased. Either she left here in a hurry or was taken from here. Heavy Brother picked up the comm. unit from the floor and heard it crackle and hiss a bit. Piece of shit. He could barely hear her over it when she called, but without it on her he had no idea how to find her now. He should have made her get the damn thing fixed when she said it was acting up. Guilt tugged at him for so many reasons. He was her man. He should have protected her.

He jumped a bit as his pocket phone rung. Now what? “Hello!” His voice was hard and strained with worry.

“My Anthony Garvey?”

Heavy Brother’s eyes grew wide at the unfamiliar mans voice. “Who the hell is this?”

“Umm this is Mr. Garvey right? You are a friend of a Miss Aura Biko correct?”

His heart jumped in his chest. “Aura? Yes I know her…”

“Well, this is Doctor Spencer from Crowne Memorial. Miss Biko was teledropped here about twenty minutes ago and she has you listed as her emergency contact. We thought it best to have you come here in person to discuss… the situation.”

“What the hell do you mean the situation?”

The voice on the other end of the phone became quieter. “Not over the phone. I am not even sure I want anyone in the center here to know. Just come down here as soon as you are able. I will tell the guard to let you down the staff elevator to the ER. Wait in the waiting room there and I will meet you and explain all we know so far.”

Heavy Brother grunting ascension at this and hung up the phone. With his super powerful legs he reached Crowne Memorial in no time at all. After severely intimidating the security guard to get off the damn phone with his girlfriend and let him down into the damn ER, he found himself waiting.

True to his word, a smaller middle aged black man carrying a metal folder came down the ER hall to met him. “Mr. Garvey? I am Doctor Spencer.” He motioned to a curtained area. “Come this way please.”

The bigger man nodded and followed him in, expecting to see Aura there. He was surprised to find an office with a lighted board on the wall holding what looked to be xrays…xrays of a woman’s… “Aw man, I don’t think I should be seeing these.” At the doctor’s chuckle he alliterated. “I mean its one thing to see a woman’s body but that’s from the inside, man.”

“But this is the trouble, Mr. Garvey. Miss Brigs came in here in acute pain.” Heavy Brother winced at the thought but kept silent. “We have done numerous tests and have come to some rather unsettling discoveries.”

The fear flicked back into Heavy Brother’s eyes. “Unsettling?”

The doctor nodded. “See this?” He pointed to an ultrasound photo, imagining in amusement at the big man’s face. Heroes could be such babies sometimes about the simplest things. “This mass here…”

The bigger mans eyes grew wide as the most logical reason for a shape on a picture of a woman’s uterus came to mind. “Nah, man, we never…”

Doctor Spencer cut him off in mild irritation. ”Whatever this is, and we have done all the test at our disposal, it is not anything we have ever encountered. Whatever it is, it had bonded itself to her nervous system and bloodstream and we believe has been the reason for her huge increase in metabolic rate in the past two weeks.” He waited a few beats for all this to sink in before continuing. “This was not there at her last full exam three weeks ago. This is the only abnormally we can connect to the pain she was brought in here with.”

Heavy Brother’s mind reeled a bit from the information he was getting, none of which he could explain. “Can you remove it?”

“We could.” The doctors eyes held great concern. “But it would no doubt kill her. It had fused with her system, Mr. Garvey. We can’t explain why or how someone has done this to her but it has happened.”

His rage returned. “Someone did this to her? Who?””

“Who? We don’t know.” He looked down the hall to a curtain being shut by a young nurse. Doctor Spencer waited till he was gone. “We haven’t told her yet. You know her best I think.” A nervous look crossed the doctor’s face. “She is a very powerful woman, Mr. Garvey, even injured, this will be quite a blow…”

“And you want me to tell her.” The doctor nodded. “Okay. I want to see her now anyway.” Heavy Brother followed the man to the curtain the nurse had come out of. He froze slightly at the entrance, part of him not wanted to see his strong woman like that. Hurt. Helpless. Taking a deep breath he followed the doctor inside.