Part 6: Baby, I Got Some Bad News

From the Story Arc: A Sistah's Burden

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(posted Tuesday, July 26, 2005)

Aura woke, the room coming into focus slowly. She looked at the ugly green and white wall and sigh. Damn. Here again. She ached but as she quietly lay there looking up at the ceiling, she was pleased to see no sharp stabs of pain returned. “Must have passed out,” she thought.

As she rolled over to look for a clock she smiled wide. There resting in the tiny chair next to her hospital bed was Heavy Brother, lightly dozing. Aura felt a warmth spread across her chest. She wonder how long her had been there. When he had arrive. She chuckled to herself. And who had suffered till he got the answered he wanted. His strong face looked so peaceful she couldn’t bear to wake him, just sat there watching him sleep.

As the curtain drew open Heavy Brother jerked awake protectively looking around. “Wha?” He shook he head a moment to clear it, and looked at the open doorway to see Doctor Spencer quietly slip in and close the curtain behind him. “Oh, hey doc. She’s…”

“I’m awake.” Both men turned in surprise to see her quizzical hazel eyes looking up at them. “So doc, can I go home now.”

The doctor cleared his throat. “Well I think it might be best if you stay here for awhile. Rest. We can move you upstairs to one of the private room if you want. I am sure Mr. Garvey would be glad to fetch you what you need from home.” A nervous look cross his face as he saw her eyes narrow.

She shook her head. “Not a chance, Doc.” She sat fully up as if to prove she was fine. “Just patch me up as you always do and I’ll get out of your hair.”

“Aura, baby…” The look she gave him made him involuntarily flinch a bit but he held his ground. “Doc Spencer here is just worried about you. We both are. You gave us one hell of a scare, baby.”

Aura narrowed her eyes now at Heavy Brother as if reading him. “Alright. What are you not telling me?”

Heavy Brother stood and turned to the doctor a bit uncertainly and the older man bravely stepped forward before the eyes that now bore into him. “Ms. Biko… Aura. When you came in here tonight you were in bad shape. Your BMR is much higher than it was only a week ago.” Seeing the blank stares he explained further. “Basal Metabolic Rate. It is the rate you body is running when you sleep. One that high means your body is using up and enormous amount of energy in a very short time. Great for dieting not so great for a young active woman like you that pusses herself past her limits and gives herself very little time to recoup.” Aura grinned a bit at the fatherly tone the doctor’s voice took as he spoke to her now. “We did a blood gas analysis and found the oxygen in your blood had nearly doubled. Your regenerative ability has increased, but I am concerned at what cost.”

A slightly impatient tone came from her lips. “OK so rest more, take it easy, don’t push so hard.” She swung her legs till they hung over the edge of the bed. “Okay I will. Can I go now?”

Heavy Brother took her hand at the doctors meaningful nod. “Baby, there’s something else you should know.”

The pained look in his eyes sent a wave of panic though her, but she struggled to keep her voice steady. “Yes?”

The big man took a deep breath. “Baby… There’s no easy way to say this…” He hated this. It was like some horrible dream. “The doc says they found something… well… inside you.”

“What?” Remembering where the pain had been located she jumped to the same logical conclusion Heavy Brother’s had earlier. “Impossible. Things have not been active in that department in a long time.”

Heavy Brother chuckled quietly and swallowed the smart ass comment that begged to be heard at the moment. “Baby. It’s something else. They done know what. It’s… well…”
He turned back to the doctor for help.

“The organism has fused itself to your uterus wall. It is like nothing we have ever seen. Made of something organic we believe, but what we could analyses just brought about more questions.” He decided to approach the next subject carefully. “Aura, do you have any periods of time you can’t account for? Blackouts? Anything like that you can’t explain?”

“No, of course not.”

The doctor pursed his lips and opened the metal folder her had been carrying. “Okay lets see… You metabolic rate first increased when you came in at 8 pm the evening of the fourteenth. The levels were far lower than they are now but since your injuries had primarily healed themselves we did not need to perform any further tests…”

Aura’s mind had turned the volume down on the medical mumbo jumbo as it raced in a panic. Evening… it had been evening when she had left the hospital. She had assumed she had taken longer to heal, had resting in the hospital all day. Now…

Heavy Brother grabbed her as she dropped to the floor, her legs not quite ready to hold her weight yet. “Aura, baby, what are you…” The panic was now very clear in her eyes, the sight sending a chill through him.

“We have to get out of here. Now.” She went to move towards the counter where her clothes lay but he held her back. “Dammit, Anthony, help me or get the fuck out of my way!”

The big man’s eyes widened at the tone in her voice but worry overpowered any offence he might have taken. “Baby. You’re gonna hurt yourself again.” The tear he say in her eyes startled him even more then the angry tone had.

“You don’t get it either of you!” She stained to lower her voice, not wanting anyone outside the room to hear. “Over twelve hours. That’s how long.”

“What?” Both men looked equally confused.

She shook him his arms. “I ran into those Rikti in the morning. Saw the school buses up and moving, couldn’t have been later then seven or so.”

Rage slowly grew, and Heavy Brother’s grip tightened on her protectively. “The damn Rikti? They did this to you?”

Aura shook her head. “I don’t know. It happened so fast. Could have been anyone else there that I just didn’t see.” She allowed herself a moment and sobbed quietly into his shoulder. “Twelve hours… I don’t remember…”

“It’s ok, baby. We’ll figure this out. We’ll make them pay.” He touched her head comfortingly.

“It makes no sense. According to the files I have read at CCCP HQ the Rikti destroyed shit. Makes no sense. Why didn’t they just kill me if they could mess with the teleporter signal?” Heavy Brother wasn’t certain he liked where this was headed but let he go on. “Why the missing time. What the hell is this thing?” She shuttered and looked up into his eyes pleadingly. “Anthony, please. Take me out of here. We can’t let anyone here know. I can’t trust anyone but the doc here to keep there mouths shut.” She felt full panic hit her now and her head swum a bit as she struggled to hold it back, to hang onto reason. “We have to find someone we can trust. Someone we can check this thing out, be sure its not gonna burst out of my body like some monster movie alien or something.” She clung tightly to his arm. “Maybe the mages or Lily. I don’t know what to do.” Her lip trembled. “Help me.”

“Ok, baby. Ok.” He turned to the doctor who nodded.

“She’s not to be left alone. Not for an instant until you figure this thing out. I won’t say anything but I have to know you’ll be okay if I release you now.”

Aura nodded. “It’s ok. I’ll get someone to stay with me.”

Heavy Brother’s eye widened, his voice had a tinge of anger and hurt. “Someone? Ah, hell no, baby. I’m staying. No way I am gonna worry like that again.”

Seeing the look in his eyes and too tired to argue Aura nodded in submission. “Fine. Let me get dressed then and take me home, baby.”