But I just got here!

(posted Thursday, July 28, 2005)

Although none of you have gotten to know me beyond perhaps name, and my time with the CCCP short, certain "pwers that be" have decided that I am still too dangerous to be out in public.
And so, back to Moscow with me for the time being. But I make this promise, I will strive to bring my mutant abilities under control! I so wish to serve my country, wherever it might be. I shall miss Paragon City until then, and keep all of you in my mind.
Glory to the Motherland!

--Nova Requiem

((Okay so in plain Angliskii: Despite a lot of grumblings in the CoH community, I look forward to some of the new additions of Issue 5. Namely, the new Sonic power set. And saying as how Nova's concept is sonic-based (I'm faking it with Psychics, currently)
I'm eager to see what these powers can do. So until the new Issue is released, Nova will be in hiatus until a reroll is possible. BUT! Krasniy Oktyabr is live and kicking, and I'll be actively working on his developing story. Stay tuned, folks.))