Just a Dream: Part Two

From the Story Arc: Radoslav: The Chronicles of Agn Stratonik

Previous Story in the Arc: Just a Dream: Part One by Agn Stratonik (Tuesday, May 10, 2005)

(posted Sunday, July 31, 2005)

As I walk down a sidewalk in Steel Canyon, thoughts race through my mind. So much has happened in my short time in the CCCP and yet, I’m still not sure how I got to this point at times. The walls of the CCCP HQ talk…they tell me things of my comrades who are curious of my past. What is a past? Does our past dictate who we are to become and which roads we take in life? Perhaps, but maybe fate has something to do with it. Fate: not a Communist ideal or belief. All things are because it is the way they are intended to be, right? I walk in front of a Presbyterian church where a deacon stands in front shouting the word of God and handing out pamphlets. He manages to force one into my hand, following with the words, “Salvation is in God, brother.” Salvation…I walk a little further, looking at the cover of the pamphlet and I stop. The pamphlet says, “God forgives all! Testify and give yourself to God for it is the only way to be saved!”

God: an interesting topic for the Communist ideal. We as Communists were taught that religion should not exist…only the State. Prayer and worship were banned for some time before Stalin decided to open the churches during a time of chaos which was World War II, but were closed again or destroyed once they served their purpose. Many, many religious people were slaughtered by violent Communists for their beliefs. Yet, though I struggle with the horrors that Communism has brought to this world, nearly all other forms of government are just as guilty. Evil men do evil things and use government, religion, politics and many other things establish their power in this world. Had Father Lenin lived longer, the true, underlying idea of Communism may have been brought to fruition. However, with cowards like Stalin whose paranoia and lust for power only drove them to destroy, Communism would be tainted forever as a murderous means of government.

My own father, who I loved very dearly, experimented on humans and meta-humans, bringing his genius to life in the blood of these beings as if they were lab rats. Realizing this, I see now why my father saw the Church as a place he did not belong. Then again, do I? I read many books as a child and still do to this day and no matter the characters in each book, I searched for one type of person: The quiet and mysterious type. The quieter the person the more checkered the past. In books I read, these quiet people were saw as no harm at all, but would change the course of everything in the book, sometimes destroying everything. I never thought I would be that type of person…so I wonder if I share the same fate. I think about my comrades and how little they know of me…at times I think its better that way. They see me as a victim of circumstance. My mother dead during child birth and my father murdered right in front of me. I’d say that’s grounds for being a victim and it gives me a good reason to be in Paragon City…

However, my scars run much deeper. The first person I killed was while I was still in training for the Chinese Army. I was 16 years old and it was summer. Rubber bullets had become a widely used commodity for training purposes and it was a staple of sniper training. A large field separates us…just him and I. I look through my scope and see a blade of grass kick up. A gunshot rings and my opponent is hit in the chest. The Sergeant in charge of training us laughed and yelled at my opponent, who slumped off the field, cursing my name. I lay in wait for my next opponent. It is a girl named Ran Zhi lie. Her father was a General in the Army and she stood to impress him, except I stood in her way. Through my focus and rage, I surpassed her in all things no matter how competitive she posed to be. This angered her greatly and pushed her to the edge. That one day, as I lay in wait, I was soon shocked by a blatant surprise. Ten minutes went by before anything happened, both our guns fixed on either side waiting for the other to make a mistake.

It was then when I decided to allow her to defeat me. I had defeated twelve other snipers that day and I was beginning to tire. I gave away my position and she immediately took action, shooting me right above my right clavicle. The bullet passed through my right shoulder and came out of my left shoulder. “Govno,” I muttered as I realized this was no rubber bullet, but a real bullet. I lay in the infirmary for three weeks. During that time, Ran dominated all. Her drive pushed her beyond her own limits as she attempted to leave me so far behind I’d never catch up. However, I did not take this incident lightly. She made an attempt on my life and because of her father’s high status, she was never reprimanded. Sometimes, it takes a single person to bring about justice. After three weeks, I was released. It was just in time for a tournament held annually for all junior soldiers to compete in for medals, glory and recognition. I entered into this Martial Arts tournament as I had for the past two years.

Competition was weak. By keeping my mind occupied during my time in the infirmary, my body suffered no set backs or detraining. I was as ready as ever and my opponents fell with little effort on my part. I made it to the final match…my opponent was none other than Ran Zhi lie, just as I knew it would be. She smiled and giggled girlishly at me, mocking her victory over me and her inevitable winning of the tournament. I had other plans. Once the match started, Ran was able to perform three moves, missing me each time. The third left her back exposed and I did not hesitate to take advantage. I broke her spine at all vertebrae points, the last being her cervical spine. She fell to the ground like a heap of wet sand. I kowtowed and would soon come to realize that she would not be the last... I realize now that my illusion of what I truly am...was all just a dream.