Yellow ribbon, old idiot

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(posted Saturday, July 24, 2004)

Dear diary,

It’s no use.

I tried so hard to free myself from the use of flames, but to no avail. As long as I travelled with Soviette, she could help me somehow, but in any other situation I had to rely on it.

Yesterday I spent some time at my place, dressing King Alghoritm with rags I’ve scavenged from an abandoned Lost hideout. Then we pretended to go at fancy restaurant and I dressed very fancy too, with almost new t shirt I found in the trashcan near the statue. I think I was very pretty, and King Alghortim too thinks I’m true lady.

Then I have sent to bed my badger, and went training. I can’t sleep anyway. Partly I fear that if I fall asleep, someone will come and steal my things (I have found very beutiful camera and I’m taking lot of photos. I hope I won’t run out of film, becouse I don’t know where to buy it. Not that I have the money.) partly I fear that someone will waste my friends clocky at my place.

They are very decent people, clockpeople that is. As I have unterstood, they are some sort of minority faction in the clockwork kingdom. Yesterday I was also visisted by two strange tesla fellows. I think they wanted to estabilish some sort of contact, but then the usual hunters came and a battle begun. At first I didn’t want to fight, but then one of the hunters got toasted really bad and so I jumped in. I wish I didn’t have to crush them clocky, but they just woudn’t stop. When the first fell, the other escaped. Now the clocky are very diffedent, and usually I don’t approach them anymore, since they are very nervous.

When King Alghoritm leave our place to meet other badgers and attend to parties (parties of badgers and other woodland creatures. I think Hydras also go party. Tee hee, those hydras sure know how to have fun) ... well when he leave I feel very lonely. I usually play with my baseball bat: it was the first thing that I bought when I arrived in the US, and I was very shocked when I realized it wes very pricey, almost all my money. (Note: Dear Diary, russian money is very shitty coin, and isn’t worth anything in the US.)

Anyway since I don’t have a ball, nether the cool big gauntlet to catch the ball, I only swing the bat and pretend I’m doing very good shots. Once I pretended I did an homerun, but while I was running on the second base I thought... “maybe homerun is too much for russian girl, let’s pretend I just hit the pitcher in the head with the ball”. So I stopped.

I wish I could play with some people, becouse I swing very mighty and run very fast (in fact I’m the fastest of the pack, in case you didn’t remember). I’ve tried to teach the clocky to play, but they are a bit dense, and don’t understand anything I say.

I bet Blacklist has cool baseball camp in his room at the hotel, and when we finish mission and I’m very tired and maybe also injuried, they all go playing at blacklist place and don’t invite me. Why they never invite me? I’m good player. I train every night at least two hours swinging. And run very much too.


When the others from weird brigade come out from their cool places (but my place is ok too, it’s very special place, and they don’t have no cool bat as I have, I bet!) I always pretend to be very busy doing missions and saving city. This way they can’t suspect I’m always alone and very troubled from that dream. Tee hee, I’m very smart, and they don’t suspect anything. I wish I could tell someone, but when I told Chinese Fist my problem I think he didn’t get it right. He said it was just normal. Normal what you dumbo chinese?


I’ve completely forgotten that I already met Red Menace for a brief moment when I first came to Paragon. I think he don’t even remeber me, and didn’t tell a thing about the pack and the launch and teleport game. I was very worried for collar and many other things at the moment, but now I think he was pretty jackass not to say anything. I have even made accurate sketch to illustrate the spooky catapult (we called it the spooky catapult, Mindy decided the name) so he can remember. So next time we meet I can show him and maybe we can even try some launches. Ok, I run too much with my immagination, I guess he would just say “Yes I remember you, you were the girl with green ribbon?



Today is my birthday. I hope King Alghoritm remember.

Bestla out.