The Day The Rabbit Died

From the Story Arc: Red And Blue

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(posted Wednesday, August 10, 2005)

It had taken Nat nearly passing out twice in mish to do it, but....finally Bella had gotten her into the office for blood and urine samples. Possibly the least glamorous of a medical officer's job.....

But she had her suspicions and had had them for a month and a half now. and if she was right this was not a time to balk at anything.

She rushed six of the samples out to three different metahuman labs. Now she was staring at the results from three different home pregnancy test kits.

Positive. Positive. Positive.


But Nat was a metahuman and metahumans were....different. She would wait for the results from the labs before she said anything.

The results were back before noon.

All six were the same. Positive. About 2 months along, give or take.

Bella put a tracer on the Commissar and began to work the phones. Social Medicine was not ob/gyn, and while Bella had done her share of "birthin' babies" as a paramedic, they were not metahuman babies with two metahuman parents, nor were they the babies of the Commissar of the CCCP. And not just any ob/gyn would do.

But luck was with her. Recently moved from New York City, Doctor Katya Yvegenie, metahuman ob/gyn. Russian expat, came to the US 20ish years ago. Associated with Chiron, which was the hospital Bella had the most contacts with. Bella put in a call to her....

Looked like a babushka, talked like a Russian dockworker---or a Russian cop. Eyes lit up at the notion of having Nat as her patient, though of course, she had to make a show of "fitting her in;" these were Russians, Marx forbid that there shouldn't be a waiting list.

When patrol-time came, Nat was still not on the radar. but Bella had the comm on alert-mode for her transponder. Because this was not something to leave for a moment longer than humanly or metahumanly possible.

It wasn't every day you told the Commissar of the CCCP, Natalya Shostakovich, Red Saviour II, that she was---