A Time For Revenge

From the Story Arc: The Night the Light Went Out in Striga

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(posted Monday, August 15, 2005)

Molotov awoke. The world appeared extremely blurry and out of focus. What had happened? Molotov’s head throbbed with pain. She reached up and found that her arms were restricted. She was only able to move her arms a few inches since they were encased in some type of metal barricades. Molotov swung her head around slowly… the memory of the rifle coming down on her hard. But that was not the only memory… she also remembered Archon Vilnius… he had confessed that he had been the one responsible for her father’s death.

Molotov could feel the anger welling inside her. If only she had one moment with this man. For months she had been searching for her father’s killer… and all that time she only thought of one thing--- revenge. Her father was a former hero of the Soviet Union who served the military with distinction. His retirement and twilight years should have been peaceful, yet he had been murdered and disfigured by someone in the Council. Molotov had been digging into the Council for months trying to find who was responsible and now that she had her target she could not believe she let him slip away. She had him right in front of her, yet he had gotten away. Molotov vowed that she would kill this man and now all she could think of was seeing Archon Vilnius burn.

Every minute that went by seemed like an eternity to Molotov. Every second that passed was another one that Archon Vilnius could use to get farther and farther away. Molotov sat there and had no idea on the time she had spent in this cell. Just how long had she been here anyway? The days seemed impossible to count. Molotov knew that she had been unconscious several days. Molotov began to think that perhaps she would never see daylight again. She would die here. Her brief time in Paragon, the friends she had made. She knew she would not see them again. Molotov knew that if she put Archon Vilnius down here, when she saw him next, there would be no escape. One thing the Council was good at was recruiting. Molotov was outnumbered. There would be no way out.

“Nyet” Molotov said. “Must clear my head,” she muttered.

Molotov tried to push all of these thoughts out of her mind. Everything else was a distraction. Molotov only had only one goal, her life served one purpose and one purpose only at this moment… Revenge. Archon Vilnius must die. However, Molotov could not stop the voices of those she knew. She had recently had a conversation with Titian Paladin before she fell into the Council trap. He had been a good companion recently and seemed to hold his liquor quite well. He had warned Molotov that killing someone would not give her the answers or peace she sought. Molotov had gotten upset with him and felt he just did not understand. Then several nights later, Molotov had gotten nearly the same lecture from one of her other friends, John Murdock and companion Seraphic Flame. Molotov felt no one understood. Her final link to her family was dead and everyone wanted to spare the man responsible.

Molotov’s friends had warned her that taking someone’s life would not be an easy thing to live with. However, Molotov had made up her mind. Here, with the Council, she was going to die anyway. Archon Vilnius had told Molotov many things about her father. Things that Molotov refused to believe. One thing that he had said did ring true… Molotov was alone here. The CCCP had not come yet, and Molotov had no idea when (or if) they might arrive. The CCCP had so many issues to deal with that Molotov knew they would not have the time or resources to look for her. Molotov had failed to notify anyone of where she was going. Molotov was alone. “This is where the journey ends” she thought.

Suddenly a click and the door to Molotov’s cell opened. In walked six Council guards and behind them was Archon Vilnius. Molotov’s eyes narrowed as he stood in the doorframe.

“Madame, I see your mood has not changed much,” Vilnius said.

“My mood will be much better when I am standing over your charred corpse,” Molotov replied.

Vilnius laughed. “Yes…yes…” he replied. “I am sorry but I rather like my body as it is for now.”

“I will kill you,” Molotov said.

“Enough of this child,” Vilnius said. “I have come to ask you one last time. Will you join with us as your father once wished? Or shall we dispose of you?”

Molotov felt her anger rising again. If only she could burst into flames again and torch everyone in this room. However, nothing happened. Molotov clinched her fists and stared directly at Vilnius.

“I will never join you” she said. “Go on and kill me, I welcome getting you out of my sight.”

Vilnius laughed again. “So be it child. But first, we will get the information we need. You will be kept alive for a while. We have several wonderful tests to run on you. You will now be moved to one of our other locations in order to better facilitate these experiments.”

With this Vilnius turned and without a word the Council guards closed in on Molotov. One of the guards used a keycard to swipe and release Molotov’s barricades. A second guard quickly attached bindings on her wrists and slipped the card to lock them into one of the pockets on his jacket. Molotov was marched out of the room and into the hallway.

“Quickly now,” Vilnius said. “There is a report of a disturbance in Sector 3. Get to the transport now.”

One of the guards pushed Molotov from behind. Molotov did not take her eyes off of Vilnius as he led them down the hall and through various corridors. Molotov continued to try to activate her powers, but to no avail. Why? What was preventing her powers from being used?

Suddenly, the door at the end of the hallway they were moving through opened and in ran a blue skinned hero with his hair tied in a topknot. The hero generated an ice blast and hit one of the guards in Molotov’s procession. Within seconds, the hero was gone and running the opposite direction as five of the guards took off in pursuit.

Vilnius shouted to them “Come back here you fools!! We must deliver our prisoner!” Vilnius then turned to the final guard and said, “Damn them. Why must there always be some crazy hero running through our bases all the time? That whole city is full of them.”

Molotov recognized that this was probably the only chance she would have. The remaining guard stood just beside her and was focused on Vilnius. Molotov leapt into the air and knocked the guard into the wall. A keycard fell onto the ground in front of Molotov. Vilnius spun around just as Molotov used the card to disable the bands holding her arms.

Molotov could feel her powers returning to her now. Within seconds she had the guard encased in a ring of fire and she flew up into the air and launched a volley of fire at Vilnius. Molotov’s hatred for the man surged as Vilnius ducked through a doorway and out of sight. Molotov was through the door and activated another ring to ensnare Vilnius.

“Madame, you cannot escape.” Vilnius cried out. “This is useless, my officers are returning and they will put you down.”

“I hope they do,” Molotov replied. “But all they will find is a pile of ash where you stood.”

With that Molotov launched a rainstorm of fire down onto Vilnius. Vilnius fell back, his uniform ablaze. His cries of pain began to echo throughout the room. Molotov flung a fireball at Vilnius and he toppled to the ground, defeated. Molotov landed and stood over him, the fire dancing from her fingertips and her eyes drilling into the one man she hated more than anything in the world.

“Do it,” Vilnius whispered. “Kill me.”

Molotov stood over him and raised her fist in the air. With a flick of her wrist she would send a blast of fire down onto Vilnius and silence him forever. Molotov stood there as the flames encircled her fist. Molotov had waited months for this moment. Then Molotov felt her heart fall. The flame disappeared and her arm fell to her side. Molotov fell to her knees as the tears streamed down her face.

“Father,” she cried. “Father, I am sorry…I cannot do it father. I…I am a failure.”

Molotov felt her entire body shut down as she slumped to the ground. The tears flowed even quicker now. Vilnius propped himself up off the ground and laughed weakly.

“Child,” he whispered. “A fool you are, like your father.”

Within seconds Council guards were all around. Molotov was placed in bindings again and carried to the transport. Molotov continued to cry until she fell asleep. When she awoke she was in a new cell apparently in a new location. Pure exhaustion had taken its toll. Molotov had waited months for the opportunity she had been given. Yet she could not follow through. Molotov felt as if everything she had been working to, everything she had been doing… everything was now wasted. What hope did she have? What was she doing here in Paragon now? Her whole reason for staying here was to find the man responsible and to carry out her revenge. She had been given the chance to do this, yet she had failed. What now? Molotov did not know what to do… Molotov felt completely and utterly lost.