Why Can't We Be Friends?

(posted Sunday, July 25, 2004)

Salutations, my revolutionary brothers and sisters! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Heavy Brother, former Justice Enforcement Brother for the Black Panther Party, circa 1969.

That's right, 1969. I was cryogenically frozen using Black Panther science, and revived just a few months ago. It's a freaky trip, but I'll save that for later.

When I joined the Red Brigade, I could see right away that y'all have some communication problems. CCCP can't reach Red Brigade, everyone's saying "who's on patrol?" It ain't good.

So I have introduced a little Black Panther technology into your scene. Back in the Sixties (feels crazy to being saying that) we had our own small-band radio system, so that the Pigs couldn't monitor us. I worked with Code Warrior, a real twitchy little honky, to patch it into this information page sucka. Man, this "Internet" thing is taking some getting used to. Books and magazines on a color tv screen...who would have thought?

So, go to your logistics listing of all the brothers and sisters in the two teams, and check out the words that say "Click here to add multiple Red Brigade members to your friends list." CCCP has one too. Just select who all you want on your friends list, stick it into your communicator, and damn! There they are.

I appreciate you Russkies taking me in, and not being intimidated by a proud Black Man. I look forward to sticking it to the Man with y'all.

Stay Black, Stay Strong,
Heavy Brother